should you appy a facial mask before or after toner A fashionable braid style

should you appy a facial mask before or after toner A fashionable braid style
Hair style should fit your facial trim and personal style statement.Number of facial cuts like diamond face cutting, pear-shaped face, heart-shaped face, rectangular face cutting, round face and oval face.Each face type matches a different type of haircut.Trim your hair with a hairstyle that compliments your facial structure.It's not about trimming or cutting hair here, but we're going to talk about two types of hairstyles that can be made by you.You can easily do this on your hair with the guide we provide you now.
Double strand braids: braids are equally boring options for long straight or curly hair.In this hot weather, your hair is woven very well.It can avoid tangled hair.But you have to be bored with your other identical braids without any changes.You can make your knot beautiful and give it an unusual look.These are the two-strand braids that look unique.It looks like a fish bone pattern.Here we will give you the details of the double strand braids.You can practice this and apply it to your hair.
First, put your hair in the middle and comb your separate hair straight.Now divide your hair on one side into two.Take a good part from the back of the back stock and bring it to the front to join the front stock.Now, a paragraph in front of the former stock.Create the desired look I.e.Fish bone pattern through the rear stock.Once again, take a short section from the back of the rear stock and bring it to the front to join the front stock.Then take a good part from the front of the front stock and cross it to the back stock.Continue this way.After a while you will see the Fishbone structure on your braids.Cover the end of your two-strand braids with a covered strap.To make your hair look stylish and beautiful, you can add some feathers.You can also tie in place with exquisite leather.On the other side, you repeat this step and create another two-strand braids.
To create this style, you need some style tools.As we said before, these are plastic combs and covered bands.Color feathers and two fine leather of short length are also required.These are optional decorative things.Since the whole process is very time consuming and requires practice, the estimated time is about 10 minutes.This style is suitable for long straight hair.In order to create a perfect process, you have to practice it.
Therefore, you can see that the woven hairstyle brings you a gorgeous look.It also perfectly matches the latest fashion trends.Therefore, only 10 minutes of exercise for yourself, the shape is great.

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