should you appy a facial mask before or after toner Rhinoplasty and Basic Procedure

should you appy a facial mask before or after toner Rhinoplasty and Basic Procedure
The nose is a very important part of the human body, not only because it is the passage of air when we breathe, but also because it greatly affects your appearance.Unfortunately, many people are born with a strange nose due to abnormal bone structure or physical trauma.However, in order to improve facial aesthetics or to treat certain respiratory problems, some medical techniques can be used to correct trauma or rebuild the nose.
Rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve the function and overall appearance of the nose.According to the purpose of the operation, the operation can be divided into reconstruction surgery or cosmetic surgery.As a plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is used to treat breathing difficulties and other nosesRelated health issuesAs a surgical procedure, its purpose is to make the nose look good.
Many plastic surgeons perform well in rhinoplasty.Developed cities like Los Angeles.They are skilled professionals and have obtained the licenses needed to solve various physical setbacks.Unlike head and neck surgeons or oral surgeons, cosmetic surgeons focus on improving the appearance of patients, while rhinoplasty surgeons focus on the nose.
During the procedure, in order to prevent pain and discomfort, the patient was given an injection of a set-up agent.
Content that needs to be improved will be turned on or off.The closed approach involves an incision in the nostrils, while the open approach involves an additional incision across small columns.
The nose can be reshaped by simulating the same underlying bone structure or cartilage, or it can be obtained from other parts of the body.It depends on the improvements to be made.For example, insufficient diaphragm cartilage requires additional cartilage to be harvested from the ear or skull.
All cuts in rhinoplasty need to be inside the nostrils to protect the appearance of the external skin.However, after open surgery, a small incision can be seen from the bottom of the nose between the nostrils.
Operation, minus cartilage harvest and insertion.

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