should you use a facial brush with a clay mask everything you need to know about clay masks - skin care

Skin care is more than just washing your face and using moisturizer.Most people, mostly women, are very interested in the idea of using expensive products that often contain chemicals.One thing you should knowAging is something you can't stop, but you can definitely put it off.
In addition to cleaning, coloring and moisturizing, you will need to add-Complete the aging mask for beauty care.In this article, we will discuss natural clay masks, how to choose the right products and several ways to use them.Natural clay has been used in human body and skin care products for thousands of years.
It is well known that various forms of clay have highly concentrated minerals, which are important for the body and the skin.In fact, clay is used in many traditional medicines in various forms.While clay may differ in function and composition, it is well known that these clay are effective in detoxifying the skin.
It can extract toxicity from the skin, which helps the skin to be more radiant and young.The organic clay mask will clear pores while purifying the leather, thus greatly reducing the pore size.In addition to making the skin rejuvenate and regenerate, the clay mask is actually the perfect choice for smoothing the skin's appearance.
How to choose clay mask?First of all, choose a brand with natural clay.If an ordinary clay mask contains countless chemicals, it makes no sense to use them.Check the options in terms of content and choose something rich in active plants, vitamins and antioxidants.
Avoid brands with no detailed ingredient list on the product label.In addition, products containing synthetic spices, P-ester and chemical dyes should be avoided.How to use clay mask?Natural masks are generally in powder form, so you need to mix them with pure water or other plants to get the correct consistency.
The minerals and other ingredients of natural products are high, so limit their use no more than twice a week.Mix approximately tsp teaspoon mask powder with your plant to form a consistency that can be used with cotton balls or cosmeticsBrush not dripping water.While carefully avoiding the tender skin of the eye, apply to the face, neck and even the hand.
Keep the mask until it is completely dry.
15 to 20 minutesRinse with warm water and gently pat the skin dry with fresh towels.Use rich and luxurious moisturizer such as facial care rose water and glycerin cream, which will further enhance your skin beauty
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