should you wash your face after using facial mask how to apply concealer the right way - a1articles

should you wash your face after using facial mask how to apply concealer the right way - a1articles
Cosmetics are meant to enhance your natural beauty, not to hide it, definitely not to cause skin problems.However, the cover cream is a product that many women do not know how to use properly.When using the correct method, the masking cream will eventually cause the skin to look silky and flawless.The way most women apply it usually makesMake the skin look greasy, lifeless and dry.Sometimes, the wrong application can even cause dermatological problems.The following tips can help you learn how to apply the conceconce cream in the right way no matter what brand you use.
Tip 1: Use only the new cleaning product to apply the masking cream.
You can apply the Cover Cream with your fingers, brushes, cosmeticsSponge or cotton swab.However, no matter how you choose to apply make-Make sure the app is clean and new if possible.When you apply the cover conce cream with old tools, the pieces left when making upStarting with the last application, it may cause the application to be clustered and uneven.It can also hold bacteria that stick to your face and cause flaws and other skin problems.Even if you use your fingers, be sure-Hand, wash your face often before makeup.
Tip 2: Choose a Cover Cream that perfectly matches your skin tone.
No perfect match madeOK, it doesn't matter what application process you use.Most major brands today work well for all skin types, but you have to find the best color to suit your skin tone.Don't just look at the bottle and choose the color that looks right.You may be surprised to find that your face is much darker or lighter than you think.The conceconce cream is made in cool or warm tones, so you may not have the perfect color even if you get the right dark.Test the small size and find the size that suits you, remember that if you spend a lot of time outside, you may need to use a darker color in the summer.Many cosmetic lines have clear color marks, and you can put your hands under them to match your skin tone to the shade of the cover cream.
Tip 3: apply the foundation before applying the Cover Cream.
The cover cream is to do what the name implies and hides.It shouldn't be the first thing on your face, because the cover cream is too heavy for allA coat that fades your skin color.First, lay the foundation for the completion of the work;Then cover up the problem point with the masking cream.If you use the cover cream like a foundation, you will most likely end up stuck togetheron, heavy look.
Tip #5: Set the Cover Cream with pressing powder.
After applying the foundation and masking cream, press the face with the powder.A lot of women skip this step, but if you do, you will most likely find that the cover cream is worn out in the middle of the day.Pressing the powder can actually save you money, because that means you have to reduce the number of times you apply the Cover Cream.
Tip 6: use the touch type.
For the best application, apply the cover conce cream with a light hand.You can always add more if needed, but for most great products you actually only need a small amount of time to cover up the flaws.If the cover cream is thick, you can focus more on those spots on your face.Remember, first the foundation, then the cream.If you need more conceonce cream then add it, but most conceonce cream may just need one coat to cover up any flaws.
Tip 7: use special cover cream to cover up bruises, dark circles under your eyes and other hard thingsto-Cover up flaws
In each case, the normal masking paste may not work for everyone.For example, if you are trying to cover up scars, dark circles under your eyes, bruises, or other contrast flaws, you may need a special cover cream to get proper cover.Apply this cover conce cream after foundation and touch it gently with your normal cover conce cream.You might be surprised to find that you don't actually need to be heavy-duty make-In most cases.We usually make additional criticisms of our own shortcomings, but the flaws on your face may not be that bad, just need to cover the conce cream regularly.
The conceconce cream should be used with caution, and if you apply it with a discerning eye, it doesn't look like you're wearing any cosmetic --up at all.Suitable conceconce cream and other cosmeticsUp products can be your best friend to make your skin look vivid, healthy and fresh, and the wrong application of these products will not bring proper justice to your natural beauty.


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