Sick Hamster - Signs and Treatment of Allergies in Hamsters - most common allergen in skin care pr

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Sick Hamster - Signs and Treatment of Allergies in Hamsters - most common allergen in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-28
Sick Hamster - Signs and Treatment of Allergies in Hamsters  -  most common allergen in skin care products
Hamsters are usually very strong animals, but they may be allergic to food, bedding and other potions.
The most common allergic reaction of the hamster will be bedding or other household items, usually something sprayed in the air.
Allergies are easy to treat as all you need to do is remove the substance that is allergic to the hamster, but if you don't notice signs of allergies, then allergies can develop into more serious, more serious diseases.
It is not uncommon for untreated allergies to become wet allergies
Tail or infection due to decreased immune system and body pressure.
Hamster can recover allergic symptoms quickly, but you have to keep a close eye on your hamster as they usually do not show signs of weakness and disease until they appear later.
So, if you change something in or around your hamster cage, you'll want to keep an eye on him.
There are different reasons for allergies.
The most common causes of allergies include food, bedding, or other household items (smoke, perfume, furniture polish, etc ). -
The hamster can be sensitive to changes in diet, which is why you want to change the food of the hamster slowly if you want to change it.
Introduce the new food a little bit into the old until you are able to fully put the hamster into the new food without any major health complications.
If your hamster can't adapt to the new food slowly, he may have trouble digesting the new food, which may cause a reaction.
If you just add one or two new things to your hamster diet and he starts to show any signs of reaction, please remove them from the diet.
It's best to keep your hamster on a normal hamster diet.
You can try to feed fresh fruits and vegetables as food, but only one at a time, so that if your hamster does have an allergic reaction, you know what food is causing an allergic reaction.
Hamster with allergic bedding
There are many different types of bedding available for small animals.
Normally you want to avoid cedar and pine trees because they contain powerful oils that can cause respiratory diseases.
You should be with Aspen. eco-
Straw pellets, recyclable newspaper bedding such as CareFresh and other dust-
Free bedding options are available.
If you think bedding can cause your hamster to get sick, remove the bedding and try using a tissue or toilet paper for a while to see if the symptoms are gone or if they continue.
If you feel that there is no change in diet or bedding, and your hamster does not show signs of allergies, then you should try to figure out if anything else has changed in the room in the hamster cage.
Sometimes a hamster can have an allergy to aerosol, spray on furniture, cigarette smoke, perfume, air freshener, and anything that spreads air.
The hamster has a sensitive respiratory system, so be careful where you put the hamster in the air most of the time.
Soon after the introduction of allergens, you will notice signs of allergy.
The way to treat allergies is simple.
You want to get rid of anything that stimulates your hamster.
If the food is allergic, please change the food; if you are allergic to bedding, please change the bedding.
If the symptoms do not disappear within a few days, you may want to try to remove something else.
Don't change too many things at the same time, though, because you're not sure what allergies are for and what you want to avoid.
If you can figure out what an allergy is and the symptoms persist, you may need to ask for assistance from a veterinarian, as the symptoms may be caused by infection rather than allergy.
This article should in no way replace the article of licensed veterinarians.
The above method may or may not work for your pet. veterinarian.
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