Signs that a guy is metrosexual: Personality, habits and behavioral signs of metrosexual men - joe

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Signs that a guy is metrosexual: Personality, habits and behavioral signs of metrosexual men - joe fresh skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Signs that a guy is metrosexual: Personality, habits and behavioral signs of metrosexual men  -  joe fresh skin care products
Am I a urbanite?
How do I know if my boyfriend is gay?
What are the common features of urban personality?
Identifying a man's urban sex is to observe his taste in fashion, hygiene, skin care, hairstyles, body hair grooming and fashion accessories and his emotional intelligence.
This article discusses a few things that make it easy to tell an urban man apart from other men.
Men should not be picky about the soap they use.
Just give a person a soap and a bottle of shampoo and he should have taken a bath.
On the other hand, an urban person will not use only any soap.
His bathroom is lined with body wash, bath gel, vitamin-rich shampoo, moisturizing conditioner and other aromatic body care products so he can walk out of the bathroom, out of the bathroom and out of the bathroom
When it comes to discussing mainstream style and fashion with women, few men can hold the fort.
Those who can be are usually considered gay or urban.
A real man will never be found complaining about the color in the latest summer catalog of fashion brands.
If you see a straight man talking passionately about fashion, accessories, brands, and designers, it's most likely because of the urban edge of his personality.
As we all know, in terms of skin care, urbanites have routine every day.
From lotion to moisturizers to facial scrubs, he will do everything he can to make sure his skin is free from acne, dirt and imperfections.
Even if an urbanite is packing his bags for an overseas holiday, he is unlikely to leave the house without his favorite wash and sunscreen to protect himself from these factors.
Most men hate to shave, but they shave every morning to look good for work.
The normal shaving procedure is no.
The process of making a fuss includes applying, shaving, flushing, repeating and finishing with fast aftershave.
Urbanites will increase the delicate sense of shaving art by carefully selecting shaving cream, preferably with aloe vera to keep the skin hydrated.
They will use a sensitive aftershave that is soothing along with a carefully selected fragrance.
The choice between using a manual razor and an electric razor can vary, but certainly not just any razor.
A real man carries a briefcase, laptop bag, backpack with him, and a messenger bag at most.
When a man is carrying a satchel, a man's bag, a backpack or a man's bag, it shows that he is a city man.
Handbags have always been the favorite of urbanites as fashion accessories.
They may carry black, maroon, dark green, burgundy and other dark leather men's bags or shoulder bags.
By avoiding colorful handbags, urbanites will also position themselves as heterosexual rather than gay.
As we all know, urban men are more emotional and expressive than ordinary Joe, and women like this.
This character makes urban people a good listener.
It allows them to give women a chance to make money when holding lively conversations.
Deep emotional intelligence is one of the reasons why urban people become unintentional charm characters.
Urbanites are very concerned about personal grooming, and they take body hair very seriously.
In order to carefully comb the hair of the chest, the way a person's hair is combed is one of the fatal gifts of his personality type.
An urban man may even go out of his way to wax his back, chest, arms, or other body parts.
He may even consider doing permanent depilation surgery so that from the perspective of body hair he can stay perfect all the time.
When a person has a box or drawer full of fashion accessories, it is certain that he is a urbanite.
Men won't be too addicted to fashion accessories except for watches, unless you're talking about a person who likes fashion --hop scene.
Bracelets, armbands, rings, chains, and carefully selected piercings are just some of a few accessories that will be carefully placed in a box or in a drawer.
Usually, men should not be too picky about who has a haircut.
However, a person who likes urban life will not walk into any barber shop.
He will go to the most fashionable hair salon that his wallet can afford, because he doesn't want any barber to mess up his hair casually.
He may also complain about how short or long the stylist left his hair, and that he will never visit the same stylist again.
A person's taste of a drink can illustrate his personality.
Urban men are known to be wine connoisseurs
From those who are really interested in wine to those who succumb to the exotic taste of wine.
, An urbanite may even have an art wine rack, which can be a perfect conversation when he receives his friends in his trendy apartment.
With this option, some urban men will have a passion for staying in crowded and chic downtown apartments rather than in spacious suburban homes.
It's not just living in the city center, it's an expected lifestyle.
For example, to give an urban man a choice to live in a small apartment in Manhattan or a spacious suburban home, he will choose the former.
When a straight person is mistaken for being gay, it shows that he is urban.
Imitating the gay guy.
Heterosexual men sometimes even realize that their striking appearance attracts the attention of men and girls.
However, they are so comfortable with their skin that they will think it is stupid and fun to be mistaken for homosexuality.
A urbanite is known for his love of grooming, and his eyebrows may be trimmed or waxed to perfection.
He will die before he is found to have a single eyebrow, otherwise his eyebrows will become perfect.
Knowing that waxing the eyebrows is a bit of a sissy thing, an urban person's eyebrows will be pulled out in a way that looks a little thick but in a good shape.
In terms of hygiene, urbanites are often considered very picky.
He will scrub better than ordinary people and he will do everything he can to bring the points home.
From putting hand sanitizer in a man's bag to having perfectly trimmed nails, an urbanite knows his hygiene as if an owl knew his cry.
Hairspray is the same color of lips for urban men as for a girl.
Styling men are identified by an eternal attachment to hairspray, wax and other hair products.
Without styling his hair the way he wanted it, he would never walk out of the shower.
Even his messy hair.
Do will be carefully curated to deliberately make the hair look pompous in a stylish way.
Urban men are proud of their physical image.
Whether they are thin, healthy, muscular or chubby, men with an urban personality will claim to be promoters of a healthy lifestyle, including exercising.
Except for the gym.
This may include cycling, yoga or jogging in the park.
He is a self.
As we all know, urban men are self-
Recognize connoisseurs of art.
From those who appreciate sculpture to those who pay attention to beautiful paintings, those who want to be urban tend to try to embrace the taste of better things in life.
Some people can even take art as a hobby in their spare time and become amateur artists.
Urban men are not afraid to embrace their masculine temperament completely, nor will they let their eccentric fashion choices affect their masculine temperament.
They are not afraid to wear bright colors such as pink and soft tones that other men usually avoid.
If you find one in pastel v-neck t-
Kha cloth shirt with boat shoes and perfect hair-
What you can almost be sure of is that his personality has an urban side.
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