sk ii facial treatment mask how to use Obagi Nu-derm Results: Week 1

sk ii facial treatment mask how to use Obagi Nu-derm Results: Week 1
There was an ugly, huge flaw on my cheek.
I know what has to be done to restore my smooth, flawless skin tone again.
My normal Wal-Mart skin care products no longer serve me;
My skin is immune to their efficiency.
I don't know where to look for the right product or which product to use on my face.
So, I did a research online on what is the most popular project.
I finally launched the Obagi skincare.
Unlike many other wash products, Obagi products are very promising in terms of safety ingredients and long-term effects.
--xa0Unlike many facial cleaners, the less irritating chemicals used by Obagi stimulate dry skin.
In addition, there are pictures of the actual results of many women's experiences on the Obagi web page.
They are amazing.
I was addicted at once.
I made up my mind to buy Obagi Clenziderm acne products, but be cautious about the impact of this powerful acne cleanser on my sensitive skin.
-The Obagi product comes with a warning and should be used under medical guidance at any time.
I am trying to guide my skin type medically, and I am completely wrong, according to my manicurist (a licensed skin care provider.
After studying the behavior of my skin, I think my skin is dry.
-I thought my skin was dry because my face felt very tight and dry cleaning around my mouth and eyes.
However, later in the day, I followed t-
Area (straight down nose and chin from forehead ).
Because I have a combination skin, I have deep black on my nose and chin.
I have tried every DeBlack product from the Biore fine hole strip to the Neutrogena DeBlack agent and there is nothing to remove them.
For these reasons, I decided that Obagi Clenziderm was perfect for my dry skin and tough acne.
However, when I met with my meteorologist to make sure my self-diagnosis was good for my skin, she told me that my skin was a completely different type. Yikes!
I may have ruined my skin!
If you do not use the right product for your skin type, Obagi may ruin your skin.
She put me on obaggi Nou.
Skin with oily and sensitive skin.
My skin is not dry but dehydrated, which means I don't drink the required water every day.
Dehydration can cause tightness around the mouth and eyes after washing your face.
I first washed my face with Obagi foam cleanser.
It makes my skin feel fresh and clean.
I think it will be invalid because it is gentle to my skin;
But, unlike Wal-Mart branded products, foam cleanser can clean all the cosmetics on my face, even mascara.
My skin has no reaction to washing my face;
No tightness, dryness or redness.
-The taste of washing water is pleasant and a bit tropical.
The Obagi Toner is light and refreshing.
Like a foam cleanser, it makes my skin feel clean but moisturized.
Unlike most alcoholic Toner, Toner does not dry and thirsty my skin.
--xa0It won't take away the natural oil of your face.
Alcoholic Toner will peel your face out of natural grease, and then your body will try to replace the grease that causes your skin to over-produce.
-Flaws, white heads and blackheads will increase when oil production increases.
Next, I use an Obagi Clear the size of a pea.
-It's white, creamy, no smell.
The clear skin not only eliminates acne scars and freckles, but also moisturizes my skin.
However, if I put on something more than the size of the pea, it does feel like it's on my skin.
Although I am only 21 years old, my cheeks, forehead and nose have been hurt by the Sun due to years of swimming and going to the beach.
Its main ingredient is to hydroquinone, which can clear the skin, which is claimed by its name.
I noticed that my overall skin tone was slightly different.
While this may be due to the fact that I have noticed more flaws on my face, my freckles have faded a little.
As the eyebrows are too active, there are a few fine lines on my forehead.
There is a deep line in the middle of my forehead.
Clear lines should also be uniform.
Since I 've only been using a product for a week, I didn't notice any difference in my product line.
Obagi Exfoderm Forte does not need to rub granular products on my skin to remove horny.
Exfoderm Forte has the same consistency, texture and smell as Clear, and I rub a small pea-sized amount on my skin in the morning.
I used St once.
Ives Apricot Scrub, it's great when I have to remove dry skin because of over dryingxa0Cheap skin care products, but the Forte of the outer skin is amazing.
This is probably one of my favorite obaggi parts.
I don't need to scrub my skin clean in order to remove the dead skin.
With Exfoderm, it's easy to fall off on its own.
In the first few days I could wipe the dead skin off.
This does cause problems when making up.
When I tried to apply a foundation to my skin, my skin began to wipe away.
In the last few days of the week, it has begun to calm down.
--xa0Do not make up as much as possible if possible.
The Obagi mixer is used in conjunction with the medically prescribed vitamin A acid.
As transparent, the main component of the mixer is to hydroquinone;
However, it is used with vitamin A acid and helps to remove acne.
The mixer smells bad, but it can open the skin to receive vitamin A acid more than just applying vitamin A acid.
In addition, use only the dose of vitamin A acid specified by your aesthetics.
My meteorologist opened 0.
025% contrast 0.
1%, I use it twice a week.
Because it is a powerful acne fighter, it will make the skin too dry and cause irritation.
The blender and the vitamin A acid work on a deeper skin level, so it brings out more flaws that I hide deep in the surface.
Last but most importantly, the Obagi sunscreen is applied to my face and neck.
It keeps my skin moist and prevents any new sun damage and wrinkles.
--xa0This part of Obagi is for long-term skin care to prevent further sun damage.
As my skin is vulnerable under the crust and blender, the Obagi sunscreen provides additional protection.
In addition, due to the fact that its main ingredients are medically proven to be safe and effective for sunlight, it is different from Coppertone and Neutrogena.
I noticed that my skin was red like a sunburned two days ago, but it quickly disappeared in two days.
I think this is because I used Trenitoin on the first day instead of waiting for a few days to use it.
I recommend waiting for your face to fit for a few days before using Trenitoin.
During the week, the flaws on my face got worse.
Because a lot of my acne is under my skin, that's what happens, says an American.
I'm not only in my t-
Area, but also white under the skin on my face.
I noticed that the more concentrated the white head is in one area, the more acne I have on the surface.
My skin is purifying.
There was almost no dryness on my face.
If I have any drying, it is on the edge of a defect that has been processed.
In fact, my face actually feels a little bit more moist and a little oily (almost as if I had lotion on my face all the time), but definitely not as oily as the Walmart product makes my face.
As some commenters have mentioned, I have not noticed any strange reactions or cystic acne.
My skin is very sensitive to anything, so it's a big surprise.
My manicurist correctly diagnosed my skin and saved me from trouble.
I really like Obagi skincare products so far.
Now, I will be very brave to post the photo results using Obagi's first week.
These are all untouched except the cut and absolutely no makeup.
Note: This is not a medical guide.
Please seek advice from an American first.
If you have a terrible reaction to skincare, it may be because you have used the wrong product for your skin type. Obagi Nu-. Obagi Nu-
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