skin care company white lavender facial mask beauty is as beauty does: scrutinize before your buy

skin care company white lavender facial mask beauty is as beauty does: scrutinize before your buy
Due to natural health books, the Internet, local health food stores and non-health food stores, men and women are becoming more and more savvy about healthier product choicesA profit watchdog like EWG.We should carefully check what is rubbing, smearing and spraying on our skin as it will appear in other parts of the body.A few years ago, the concept was raised as controversial on television, where several spa owners and two experts from medical institutions were interviewed.Spa owners share their beauty and treatment methods that suggest that the skin will discharge toxins and absorb nutrients --rich creams.Doctors say the skin does not absorb nutrients.What's interesting is that we have a cross now.Genuine leather patch for weight loss, hormone balance, and nicotine extraction.Chemical exposure in daily life has become very noticeable.In fact, chemicals accumulate in our fat tissue and cause health problems.These chemicals are called persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic.(Even children and adults born after being banned in 1972 have developed DDT.) So, take a rough inventory of what you 've used every day for years, from shampoo and conditioner, hair dye, deodorant to cosmetics.Do yourself a favor and look at the ingredients of the label.You will be surprised when it looks like a chemistry class.If the ingredient is a herbal source from nature, you will usually see the plant name in the list.For example, it can be Matricaria chamomilla, Oenothera biennis, or Mentha aquatica (mint, lime ).On the other hand, if the composition is a synthetic chemical, you can usually see that because of the dialcohol methyl ether, 2-amino6-chloro-4-Phenol, or dispersed black 9.Do you want to buy products with toxic heavy metals, skin irritating substances and ingredients that may cause cancer, developmental/reproductive abnormalities, allergic reactions, nerve damage, and other problems?Don't be fooled by the buzzwords on the front of the product, such as natural, organic, hypoallergenic or cruel --free.This should not be the only incentive to buy.These products may still contain harmful chemicals that cause allergic reactions in some people and have separate ingredients tested on animals.Many manufacturers use the word "organic" to mislead the public while including synthetic petrochemical products and other potentially carcinogenic substances.Always double check the list of ingredients and look for products from companies that are known to make quality and consumer health a high priority to list certified "USDA organic" ingredients.You may still choose to act with caution that the existing generic product will be safe or medium-safe.We're talking about one.Profitable industry--Led by a handful of multinational companies that originated in the early 20 th century.Global cosmetics spending alone amounted to $18 billion a year.Manufacturing companies are able to add almost any component to their personal care products, regardless of height-Toxic or otherwiseLike most industries, they have resisted government regulation and have lobbied against it for years.Therefore, the federal law on personal care products is full of loopholes and there is no requirement to pre-Market safety testThe burden of proof lies with consumers.Acne and acne together with acne have become a common concern.It is suspected that diet is a big factor, as well as possible problems such as insufficient chlorine and hydrogen acid (gastric acid deficiency) and pore blockage and human body index.Creep (mites and short) is a tiny parasite mite that lives in mammals of hair follicles.Sand pear oil has proved to be one of the effective ways to solve this problem.The ingredients in the product you are using can clog your pores and make the acne problem worse.The word Comodogenic is used to describe the ingredients that will produce or aggravate acne.Many ingredients are found to stimulate the skin and clog pores.

Laurel and Laurel High-High quality organic products formulated for your skin type will be a smart choice.Choose between dry, normal, oily and combination.After cleaning the product, the toner should be re-cleanedDetermine pH and moisturizer-Suitable for your skin type.Deodorant-harm under the arm?Don't forget to check your deodorant!You may be surprised to see Zhengding benzene, propane (liquefied petroleum gas), aluminum and other chemicals.Since aluminum is related to many diseases including Alzheimer's, why does it absorb under your arm?There are many healthier versions in the local health food store.At a critical juncture in deodorant?Mix baking soda, cornstarch and some dry, fragrant herbs/flowers such as rosemary, lavender, or rose buds.Apply to your underarm with your fingertips after bathing or shower.You might even like it better!If you want to try some great kitchen cosmetics, I will share with you some of the recipes I have saved over the years.They are listed below.If you care about your skin and your health, no longer buy products based on familiarity, media advertising and packaging appeal.Beauty is like beauty.-Buy products as informed consumers to nourish and beautify.Recipe for kitchen cosmetics: Acne tonic (Basil is known to contain antibacterial ingredients.When used in natural skin care products, Basil is an herb that helps to stimulate slow and congested circulation of the skin and is therefore a great drug for treating acne and mild skin infections.It is also considered to have anti-corrosion value and can neutralize toxins that bite and sting.

3 tablespoons dried basil.Put three TB.Place the dried basil leaves in a firm Cup, tap gently with pe, touch the leaves and release some oil.
2.Pour in the boiling water, cover the Cup, and make the tea steep until it becomes clear grass green.
3.Filter out the leaves.
4.Apply your face with basil tonic before applying a moisturizer.

1: mix the oat mixture with hydrogen peroxide and water in a small bowl to form a paste.
2: apply to face in circular motion.
3: Set for 5 minutes.
4: rinse with cold water.Strawberry-

Generously apply parsley juice and pulp to the face prone to blackhead disease and avoid eyes.
Follow the instructions of facial steam and steam your face with parsley juice.(If there is no steamer, use a small pan with a cover.Boil the filtered water.Remove from the heating and cover the lid.Put it on the towel on the table.Make a towel tent on the head and on the jar.The tip cover allows steam on the face.Replace the lid and repeat it multiple times as needed.

The meat of the avocado turns into a creamy texture.Mix the honey.Apply it thoroughly to the face and neck and leave 15-20 minutes.
Wash gently with warm water and then close the pores with cold water.Fresh watermelon Toner (watermelon is very useful for removing blemishes on the skin.It is considered one of the precious gifts of Native Americans.Watermelon is also rich in vitamin A, B and C, keeping the skin fresh, glowing and hydrated.Thanks to its moisturizing and convergence properties, it has proven to be good for skin care.It has a very high water content and is a good skin learner.Let this toner give a refreshing feeling of youth.

2 TB.
2 TB.
Put watermelon pieces into a food processor or blender.Strain the solid and discard it.Mix the reserved juice with other ingredients.Pour into the glass bottle after stirring.Pat a cotton ball on your face.
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