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Skin care cosmetic – Useful or harmful? - can a skin care product last 2-3 years unopened

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-17
Skin care cosmetic – Useful or harmful?  -  can a skin care product last 2-3 years unopened
Beautiful and healthy skin is an important factor in enhancing self-confidence.
Some people are naturally beautiful, so they don't need any skin care cosmetics.
There are also some people who do not use skin care cosmetics due to laziness.
There are also some people who think that skin care cosmetics will hurt their skin and therefore give up using any kind of skin care cosmetics.
However, there are indeed a large number of people using skincare cosmetics (which is why the skincare cosmetics industry is booming ).
So, is Skin Care Cosmetics useful or harmful?
There seems to be disagreement.
However, there is one thing that is certain, it is certainly good to look beautiful, and it is also very desirable.
In addition, too much skin care cosmetics must be harmful (hence, the excess of anything is harmful ).
So what does one do?
The first thing is to develop (and follow) skin care procedures that help keep your skin healthy and sickfree.
General advice is to clean and moisturize every day, with occasional (as needed) tone and exfoliating.
Next is the skin care cosmetics you will use extra (as a beauty booster ).
These skin care cosmetics can be part of your daily skin care or can be used only on special occasions (E. G. g.
Wait for the party ).
The most important thing about skin care cosmetics is its choice.
Here is a set of rules you should use when choosing any skin care cosmetics: * The general rule is to use products that suit your skin type.
This is true for both regular products and skin care cosmetics.
So check the label and see what it says. g.
For all skin types only dry skin or dry skin.
* Test skin care cosmetics before use.
This can be achieved by applying skin care cosmetics on a small piece of sking.
Earlobe and check the reaction of the skin to the product * Check the composition of the skin care cosmetics for your allergic chemicals.
Do not use products that are very rough to the skin. g.
Products with high alcohol concentration;
This cosmetic may work once, but will result in a long time
Lasting damage to the skin.
More is better.
Make sure you apply the product in the right quantity (not less, not more ).
Also, stay gentle with the skin and follow the right skin care product app.
Rubbing too hard or trying to squeeze pimples can cause permanent damage to the skin.
* Finally, if you have a skin diseaseg.
Acne etc, you should consult your dermatologist before using any skin care cosmetics.
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