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skin care for men of color by deidra garcia - - natural african american skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-18
skin care for men of color by deidra garcia -  -  natural african american skin care products
While most skin problems have the same effect on all races, some problems tend to affect Africans
The skin of Americans is different or more frequent.
These differences suggest that black men should pay special attention to their skin care procedures, especially since some products can even change color or damage dark skin tones. 1. Ingrown hairs.
While most men suffer from hair or razor burns that grow inwards, due to the height of black people --
Curved body hair.
Because hair tends to curl tighter, there is a greater chance of bending after shaving and growing back to the skin.
This will result in painful shaving bumps and irritation on the face and neck, and only further shaving can become more serious.
While this is a common problem, there is no need to simply accept that it is a natural hazard to shaving: by keeping the skin peeled off, at 4-
5 Use and follow up with products with dermatology-
Active ingredients can greatly reduce the occurrence of endogenous hair.
If you find yourself suffering a lot from these skin stimuli, consider reducing the number of times you shave because often shaving too close to the skin will trap your head in the follicles. 2.
Dark spots and pigmentation.
Dark areas often occur in Africa
Whether it's a wound, acne or a burn, the American skin in the event of a scar.
These dark spots and uneven skin tones usually fade over time, but some ingredients do help to be even and promote smooth surfaces.
Dermatologists and skin care professionals often use the hydroquinone, QuIC acid and vitamin C to dilute dark areas and balance the skin tone.
These products often need 4-
8 weeks to see the biggest results, which are known to cause irritation to some men, so if you have sensitive skin or the irritation persists, you should consult a dermatologist.
Regular mild exfoliating is also a great way to improve skin tone as it removes the top layer of dead skin cells and allows new healthier cells to appear.
By removing the upper layer, it can also make it more effective to treat the skin with ingredients such as hydroquinone.
When using this product, make sure you can protect your skin well from the sun, because the sun will stimulate the production of pigment and can be re-developed. darken areas. 3. Dry, Ashy Skin.
Black men with very dry skin usually have a gray or gray look, so it is important to keep the skin healthy
Moisturize and strengthen with nourishing vitamins to promote a smoother, healthier look.
Because hot water can absorb moisture from the surface of the skin, avoid a long hot shower and heat it quickly instead.
Wash with a gentle liquid cleaner instead of soap (as soap will actually dry the skin) and apply an active moisturizer within five minutes of walking out of the tub.
This will lock the moisture in the pores and promote a smoother, more uniform look. Use an oil-
Free moisturiser containing nutrients such as aloe, hyaluronic acid, squalene and vitamin A, D and E, don't forget the subtle areas around your eyes. 4. Sun Protection.
A common misconception about darkness
Skin color means that it cannot be sunburned or damaged by the sun.
Although Africa
The US skin contains more melanin (skin pigment), which provides greater protection against sunlight, and it still faces the risk of many sunlight.
Related Diseases
In fact, Africa
Men in the United States are often at higher risk because it is often more difficult to detect changes in skin marks or discoloration.
This means that it may take longer for a person to seek treatment, when the damage may spread further.
It is a serious job to protect your skin from sunlight, but it can be as simple as using sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and can protect your skin from UV and UV rays, and re-apply frequently.
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