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skin care professionals – why deception and lies could ... - natural advantage skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-18
skin care professionals – why deception and lies could ...  -  natural advantage skin care products
I was really angry when I studied this!
The boat you expect skin care professionals to guide the cosmetics companies you buy the products is correct, however, in the way most of these companies operate, few can be called professionals.
These companies sell their products by cheating, and the lies they tell you can have a negative impact on your health.
Sadly, these companies are for profit, but the fact is that these companies cannot be the only ones to blame for this situation.
Consumers need to know more about what they are putting into their bodies, which means doing the necessary research to find out what is included in the formula they are using.
People are often reluctant to make the necessary efforts to ensure their own safety.
Do you know what compounds, such as propylene Amine, dioxyhexine, sub-butyl, padimate, etc-
O, parab gold, and ethylene glycol?
These are just some of the commonly used recognized carcinogens that skin care professionals like to add to your product.
There are also other carcinogens, and almost every skin care formula produced by major companies contains a large amount of toxins.
Like any other industry worth billions of dollars, cosmetics companies are getting rid of practices that should not be allowed.
The various regulators are well aware that there is a problem with the formula being developed by the cosmetics company, but either it can be done or it will be done.
The only institution to take effective action against the industry is the European Union.
The European Union has done its task by banning the use of chemicals that prove harmful to humans and chemicals that are considered suspicious, allowing skin care professionals in companies under its control to manage them.
They even had many companies they supervised sign a contract that set out the type of ingredients that could be used to develop the formula.
At present, the formula being produced by the signer of this contract is the safest and most effective product.
In the formula developed in New Zealand, there is an all-natural formula, which is the first formula containing ingredients that can significantly increase the production of collagen and elastic protein.
The ingredients they developed were a protein complex called Cynergy TK that fused with enzymes.
These products also feature a range of other compounds that promote collagen, such as active manuka honey, and two key ingredients that prevent hyaluronic acid from breaking down.
Between the two, the extract of the plant essence cranberries kelp and grape seed oil inhibit the protein hydrolases, elastic enzymes and hyaluronic acid enzymes that degrade tissues and polymers.
The manufacturers of these recipes are the skin care professionals you have been looking.
Don't make a mistake.
With real skin care professionals, with such a shortage of supplies, it is wise to take advantage of the effective products offered by any ethical company you find.
You can learn more insights by visiting my website and discovering more natural ingredients I use every day.
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