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Skin Care Tips for Black Men - shea moisture african black soap problem skin facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-19
Skin Care Tips for Black Men  -  shea moisture african black soap problem skin facial mask
The amount of pigment produced by your body called melanin determines your skin color and how you should care for your skin.
Skin care for black men includes day-to-day care for everyone, but some additional measures related to black skin and hair traits need to be taken.
Daily skin care for others, daily skin care for black men includes cleaning and moisturizing.
Using rough soap and hot water for long showers and showers will remove too much oil from your skin.
Take a bath in warm water, limit the bath time to 15 minutes a day and use mild soap to avoid dry, flaky skin.
The American Academy of Orthopaedic Dermatology recommends that if you need to use deodorant soap and dry skin, use deodorant soap, foot and genital parts under your armpit, and use mild soap in other parts of your body.
Shoot dry your skin after taking a shower so moisture stays on your skin and apply a moisturizer to keep it hydrated when your skin is wet.
Dark skin protection
People with skin are less likely to develop skin cancer than people with lighter skin tones.
Individuals with skin, due to late detection, have a significantly higher mortality rate for skin cancer.
Melanin in African-American skin provides you with around 13 sun protection factors or SPF. 4;
However, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that everyone follow the same sun protection guidelines.
Apply 1 oz SPF 15 sunscreen every day at least 30 minutes before going out, and re-apply it every two hours, especially the skin exposed to your neck and head.
Check your skin for moles, discoloration and spots at least once a month, with special attention to your feet, hands and nails.
According to data from the American Academy of Orthopaedic dermatology, avoiding burdock burials barbae or burdock bumps can affect about 60% of black men.
When a tightly curled facial hair is shaved at close range, resulting in hair growing inward, razor bumps appear.
Hair that grows inward can cause ugly, often painful razor bumps, which can lead to inflammation and scars.
By reducing the number of shaving, shaving in the direction of hair growth, using a knife for less recent shaving, or using a special razor designed to prevent shaving to avoid shaving.
Treat existing razor pimples by avoiding shaving for about four weeks and using a prescription slimming cream in the area affected by the face.
Prevention of acne kelitas nujchae, or AKN, refers to razor bumps that occur at the back of the neck.
According to Brownskin.
AKN may be caused by near-scraping and inward-growing hairs, like razor bumps on the face.
Shaving at the back of the neck often leads to scratches and cuts that cause problems.
Fading of a hairstyle can also lead to AKN.
Avoid close cutting of hair that stimulates the skin and leads to inward growth.
Treatment of AKN with local vitamin A acid or antibiotics.
A loose injection can help treat acne.
Clean daily, but avoid using moisturizers containing dyes, perfumes and wool if your skin is sensitive.
Dark skin is sensitive to perfumes and chemicals.
If your skin is oily, ask your doctor for a moisturizer.
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