skin conditioning cloth facial mask wrinkle treatment: anti wrinkles cream vs. self-care treatment

skin conditioning cloth facial mask wrinkle treatment: anti wrinkles cream vs. self-care treatment
The skin loses moisture and elasticity as it grows older, resulting in wrinkles on the skin.There are many possible ways to deal effectively with facial wrinkles.Only these are the reflections of unstoppable biological watches, our way of life, and external factors such as sun light and polluted air.In the latter, we believe thatAnti-wrinkle cream, chemical piles and anti-wrinkle cream injected with zombie toxins on the prescription can temporarily paralyze facial muscles and prevent the formation of facial analog wrinkles.However, the most suitable treatment is selfUse natural medicines and facial masks for care as they have a great impact on our skin and health.Tiny wrinkles and wrinkles can be removed using lotion containing natural alphaHydroxyl acid (AHA) is mainly present in milk, fruit and sugar cane ).Acid can remove dead cells on the surface of the skin and promote the growth of collagen.Since the AHA can sometimes stimulate our skin, it should first be applied only with a cream or lotion on a small surface.If there is no reaction before the next day, you are free to use lotion or cream as part of wrinkle treatment.What can we do ourselves?1.Soak the soft and clean cloth with milk first (it contains alpha-Apply it to your skin.Repeat regularly every few days.2.Fresh gel from aloe vera contains malate.Cover your skin with fresh gel obtained from the leaves, the leaves are cut at the root of the plant and split into two halves to tear.Tear the gel with a spoon and apply it to the skin.This natural therapy is as effective and even better as the anti-aging wrinkle lotion you buy in the store.3.Papaya contains a large number of enzymes that can soothe the upper layer of the skin and help with the treatment of facial wrinkles.Wash and peel the papaya, then mix two scoops with a whole scoop of dry oats flour.Apply this mixture to the skin, keep it for about 10 minutes, and wash it off with a piece of cloth.4.After washing your face, don't forget to apply a moisturizer every morning, as this will help keep your skin moist and make it softer.5.You can make a mask with avocado that helps moisturize the skin and also contains a lot of vitamin ETreatment of strong antioxidants and deep wrinkles.The preparation is very simple: Simply mash and apply the avocado to your face, keep it for 20 minutes, and then remove it with a clean and soft cloth.Doing so once a week can greatly reduce the visibility of facial wrinkles.6.Drink a lot of water.Consume at least 64 to 84 ounces of pure water per day.This will help to make your skin softer.One of the main reasons for the appearance of facial wrinkles is the lack of moisture in the skin.In addition, use sunglasses to prevent the formation of wrinkles around the eyes, and finally, do not smoke, because smoking greatly contributes to premature aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.7.Eat more organic grown fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts rich in vitamin A, C and E.All of these are great antioxidants and are very effective in removing harmful free radicals.You can also apply vitamin C directly on the skin surface with the help of anti-skinAnti-wrinkle cream containing it.8.Omega 3 fatty acids protect and nourish the skin.Flax seed oil is a good source.Consume a spoonful every day;You can add it to the juice or mix it with salad sauce.
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