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Skin Problems Associated With Lupus - good skin care products at target

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-02
Skin Problems Associated With Lupus  -  good skin care products at target
Lupus may be rooted in your immune system, but this effect may manifest quickly and significantly.
For most lupus patients, the common skin symptoms that this disease brings are not only unattractive, but may also cause concern and discomfort.
Since lupus tends to target organs, and your skin is your largest organ, it is no wonder that rashes, bumps, bruises and other inflammatory markers appear from time to time.
It is important to know what will happen, what may be signs of deeper problems, and how to relieve skin damage and discomfort.
The types of vitiligo specifically for the skin can be further divided into three categories: chronic, acute and sub-acute.
In most cases, this type of erythema affects women between the ages of 20 and 50.
This may have both erythema and systemic form in the form of skin.
While systemic lupus (the most common form that can attack multiple organs) often brings some skin symptoms, the skin lupus is generally limited to the skin and appears in a specific pattern.
The most common chronic skin lupus is disk-shaped lupus (DLE), which causes the disc --
The skin is thickened to the area of the face, neck, upper back and hands.
Although they are not painful, the lesions tend to leave discolored scars when they heal.
Depending on the specific form of DLE, the lesion may also be the body
Like, or affect the fat under the skin, there are hard nodules that leave a panic of indentation when they are cleared.
There are two forms of symptoms of this type of lupus: Red squamous spots (pimples) and rings with squamous edges (ring.
Since skin lesions are very similar to psoriasis plaques, and joint inflammation is not uncommon with SCLE, it is important to thoroughly examine to determine which disease causes skin problems.
This skin erythema type is usually accompanied by systemic erythema, so in addition to the "Butterfly" that usually appears on the nose and cheeks, you will also have some more common symptoms (joint pain, fever, swelling, fatigue and headache ).
In addition to the facial rash, you may notice flat red spots on your arms, legs and torso that leave a dark or light color change on your skin.
Many cases of erythema of the skin are caused or aggravated by the sun, and light sensitivity is one of the most common symptoms of this disease.
If your skin symptoms get worse and not better in the sun, it is most likely that it is lupus sex, not psoriasis or dermatitis.
About 70% of patients suffer from systemic erythema,
In addition, patients with a certain skin disease will also suffer from other diseases.
There is a link between skin and systemic Erythema: those with special forms of skin erythema have the risk of eventually developing into a systemic type.
However, even if you are diagnosed with a systemic skin disease, you may experience some skin problems.
It is difficult to predict how SLE will affect you and how often the symptoms will break out.
Red Mala rash, butterfly
Other different skin conditions will also appear at the same time as lupus.
In some cases, they are caused by drugs for lupus inflammation, tissue damage, and even for the treatment of lupus.
If you notice bruising around your legs, arms and torso for no reason, you are not alone.
Whether it's external (such as nosebleeds and heavier menstruation) or internal (bruising), Lupus will make it easier for you to bleed.
It is well known that steroids, steroids, and other immune suppression drugs dilute the blood and make you more vulnerable to bruises and bleeding.
If you are taking an anticoagulant (e. g. , aspirin or warfarin) to treat vascular disease or blood clots, even adding a simple non-
Prescription drugs and painkillers can make things worse.
If you notice new bruises and haven't had a blood test for a while, please ask your doctor if a full blood count has been done.
This test will reveal the number of platelets in the blood of the unit, which is an important sign of blood coagulation ability.
Your over-active immune system may attack your healthy platelets and unhealthy cells.
When platelets are too small, you are more likely to get hurt and you may also have nosebleeds.
This condition, also known as ITP, is caused by the long-term low platelet levels in the blood.
It is a common consequence of lupus, and while severe bleeding rarely occurs, it creates some ugly marks on the skin.
Bruises are common, and red dots appear on the lower legs.
Red and swollen and bruised with lupus may not be painful or particularly dangerous, but it does make you selfconscious.
People may stay away from the rash associated with infectious diseases, or when your series of bruises indicate abuse, people may pry too much.
Of course, the less obvious these signs are, the more comfortable you will be, but good skin care will also play a role in your general erythema treatment.
Skin care products are very important for anyone with vitiligo, and the right care method will help you both inside and outside.
Because you are more sensitive to the effects of the sun, you must be particularly careful to use a large amount of sunscreen and wear protective clothing;
Too much UV exposure will trigger automatic
The production of antibodies will make your lupus more serious.
In addition to sunscreen, local resistance
Inflammatory creams help with rashes, moisturizers protect dry skin and are more flexible.
When lupus gives you a brighter or darker scar on your skin, you may want to cover it up with a heavyweight masking cream --up the marks.
There are some makeup collections that are meant to disguise skin problems, not simply enhancements like Nicole Parkerson cosmetics.
The founder of the company suffers from lupus and lays a solid foundation for covering up bruises and removing scars.
If you want to cover up redness and rash, try the green cover cream.
Green is a red addition, which means it can cancel it.
If you combine the cream with antioxidants
Rich moisturizer (looking for a moisturizer with vitamin C), you can reduce inflammation at the same time.
Rashes, bruises, injuries and other skin inflammation are common in lupus patients.
Erythema of the skin is especially specific to the skin and can also occur at the same time as systemic erythema. Two-
People with systemic lupus also suffer from some kind of skin disease.
Lupus patients are vulnerable to injuries due to medication, low platelets, ITP, or other problems.
Learning how to endure the symptoms of lupus can be a long and difficult journey, but the first step is to relax yourself.
Don't expect to overcome all the discomfort overnight, remember that you are fighting an aggressive disease, some red marks and bruises are nothing compared to the blows you get up every day to deal with the enemy, living a happy life, overcoming obstacles on the road with grace and persistence.
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