sodium alginate facial mask electromagnetic pollution solutions - part four - solutions

sodium alginate facial mask electromagnetic pollution solutions - part four - solutions
Solution of: E.M.F.-Stress:Feng-Water: in traditional Chinese medicine, the earliest known solution system was designed for the problem of electro-magnetic stress: Feng Shui refers to the discord model caused by feng shui and dynamic environmental pressure.According to the traditional oriental approach, some practitioners have been trained in diagnosis and treatment.This includes nine treatments for feng shui.As you will see in the book Biological Field: New Physics of health, all nine therapies have a direct relationship with the total magnetic field experienced within the human body.The nine factors outlined in Table 3 may be to minimize stress.:Nine-Wind therapy-Shui:Light (e.g.Mirror, crystal ball, light): a magnetic field (EMF) alone ).Sound (Wind Bell, Bell, music): The sound produces EMF in the body through piezoelectric.Living Objects (plants, flowers, aquariums): living tissues emit physiological EMFs and absorb electric fields.Moving objects (moving, windmill, Fountain): Moving objects produce oscillating EMFs.Heavy objects (stones, statues): heavy objects absorb EMFs, which usually have piezoelectric properties due to their mineral content.Electric Objects (air conditioning, stereo, TV): they emit an EMF of 60 hz (or 50 hz in many countries), and sometimes other frequencies that sense current inside the body.Symbol of peace and protection: meaningful symbols coordinate the EMF of the body itself through imagery and decompression.Color: The color consists of a specific EMF frequency in the eight degrees of visible light, which is the most biologically significant eight.Other materials (e.g.Traditional Chinese treatment methods such as color decoration, chalk under the bed): These are materials that reflect or absorb certain EMF frequencies.For example, Chalk contains m-Even in the distance, explain the minerals that feed the mental body.In addition to these historical proven methods of Eastern medicine, there are many modern strategies to eliminate or at least reduce the harmful effects of electro-magnetic stress.The helpful rating given in this section is based on the clinical experience of thousands of patients with EMC problems.They are intended to provide a relative Guide to the possible usefulness of each solution, based on factors such as the cost and effectiveness of common or typical electro-magnetic stress conditions.Range from 10 (best) to 1 (unlikely to help ).These ratings follow possible solutions as shown in the following example: bedroom EMF (10): move or eliminate fields: Person-Technology-Fields: bedroom EMF (10): This is usually the main source of the problem and is usually the easiest to manage.All you have to do is unplug and remove all the electrical equipment from your sleeping place.Radiation (8): You will be happy to know if you live downstream or downwind of a nuclear facility or are exposed to low levels of radioactive contaminationA.S.A.Researchers Rebecca McCaleb and B.C.Wolverine has achieved "impressive results in the use of alligator, cat tail Reed and tomatoContamination of radioactive soil and water."Since the Chernobyl accident, researchers have considered using lup in contaminated areas because they will extract radioactive elements from the soil.The treatment of plants will be the next problem to be solved, so the final solution proposed is to irrigate the land with calcium solution.Calcium binds to radioactive minerals, as in the human digestive system, and carries them into groundwater, below the roots of many crop plants.Soil-Base-Organisms (S.B.O.): A pair of microbiology scientists have demonstrated a better solution, who retired from academia to become farmers before the Chernobyl accident.When the agricultural products of other farms cannot be eaten, there is no radiation mark on the agricultural products of their farms.What they do is build up the soil microCreatures living in the rot of their farm.While these tiny allies are often destroyed by the practices of modern farms, their farm soil is several million times more than that of typical farms.Perhaps the explanation for the disappearance of radioactive dust can be found in Professor Kervran's classic paper "biological transformation of elements.In any case, thanks to research in Japan, we can all find a practical solution called EM1.EM stands for validity (soil-Based on) microorganisms.Research now shows the benefits of this plant in agriculture and medicine.Workplace (3): EMF exposure at work often comes from electrical equipment such as wiring, fluorescent lamps, VDTs, etc.Ask for changes needed and educate decision makersDo location.Talk to colleaguesWhen others are also experiencing the EM stress, the number of workers on this issue may increase.After all, it is in the employer's interest to have healthy, happy, sharp and dynamic employees who can achieve excellence in their work by designing a low-stress working environment.Computer glare screen for grounding (3): These shield grounding are designed to prevent the accumulation of static charges while absorbing potential up to 99%.In addition, they reduce visual pressure by eliminating glare and reflection, thereby increasing contrast.Note, however, that they must have a proper basis in order to be effective.The plug tester can be obtained in the hardware store to check the grounding of all power outlets and the correct wiring polarity.Liquid crystal display (LCD) computer display (4): Information projected on a typical cathode ray tube (CRT) computer screen can be detected and electronically decoded 25 miles away.The LCD screen usually emits a lower field level than the standard CRT display.However, if they are used on the legs, as the unfortunate term "lap top" computers suggest, they actually produce more radiation exposure than CRTs due to proximity to the body.Nature-Fields: natural fields (0): it is possible to move naturally existing fields using existing methods, but only for a few months.As these areas tend to come back, this is not an effective long termterm strategy.Since a great deal of time, energy and money can be put into the advice and equipment to move the field, it is often not advisable as a short approach.Sometimes, it is necessary in the absence of other direct solutions that work alone and that the person cannot be removed from the site.The movement of people: people-Manufacturing: technical assessment office of CongressS.A.The policy of "cautious avoidance" is recommended."Place to sleep (3): There is usually no need to move your bed due to man's reasonsmade fields.In most cases, it is easier to simply unplug all electrical equipment and remove it from the bed.The exception is when your bed is too close to the fuse box, high current power cord, or other relatively fixed EMF source.In high circumstancesTension lines and substations, even once in a while it is necessary to completely transfer the individual to a different house.This is because the whole house, even the whole block, is within the stress range.TV (10): Time recommends sitting at least 10 feet from the TV."In addition, by reducing the number of hours viewed per day, you can reduce the chronic exposure, so the associated risk is reduced as well.Color TV sets emit more EMF than black and white TV sets, but even black and white TV sets are associated with 2.Children are at five times the risk of leukemia.Workplace (9): moving to different workstations that are far away from magnetic sources or sources of contamination is often the only option in the current workplace.Natural field (10): in most cases it is the best solution to remove the individual from the path of a harmful magnetic field.As far as they are concerned, these fields tend to be quite stable, because they are based on the structure and resonance of the Earth, and these structures and resonance do not usually change much on the human time scale.Support for the bodyEnergy-System: the following support measures are compatible with the above-mentioned method of eliminating exposure to the source of the electrical force.The most effective way is usually to eliminate the source with a specific shortLong-term support of the body's energy system.Equipment: Many devices have developed to the natural defense mechanism of the human body against various pressures.Some of them are specially designed to counter the electro-magnetic pressure.The right approach for you depends on factors such as your health, the type of EMF you are exposed to, and your budget.It is often beneficial to use as many of the following equipment and products as possible: natural fiber clothing (10): This is a worthwhile investment for anyone, avoiding the thousands of volts of static electricity generated by synthetic fiber movements.Green cotton (organic) futon mattress on wooden frame bed (10): This eliminates the common source of magnetic field changes in sleeping places.Pesticide-Free "green cotton" is more expensive but more popular as Cotton is the easiest pesticide to use with radiationImitation effectBed springs and metal frame components should be avoided.Aranaire oxygen ozone generator (10): these units provide both lithium ion (see negative ion generator) and oxygen ozone, a filling of 4 atoms instead of 2.Unlike the ozone generator, which may be nitrogen oxide when producing triple oxygen (ozone), oxygen ozone is produced through a unique discharge process that does not produce nitrogen oxides.Studies have shown that the toxicity of ozone to nitrogen oxides is not controlled.When this factor is eliminated, it is found that ozone or ozone up to 50 ppm is biologicalcompatible.Oxidation of ozone is at least 50% more than ozone oxidation, decomposing organic toxins such as formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, while inhibiting mold, bacteria and viruses in the air.Negative ion generators (9): these generators provide a higher concentration of beneficial negative ions in the air.Harmful positive ions are removed through the electro-magnetic effect and its associated particle contamination.Including allergens such as pollen, mold, mildew, odor, virus, bacteria, chalk Ash, hair, dandruff, etc.Some units allow the addition of natural extracts such as-Seed Extract of fungus grapefruit.Ott light system (9): Ott light provides state-of-the-art full-spectrum lighting that simulates the solar spectrum.These lamps are specially designed to eliminate the EM stress caused by the emission imbalance of visible spectra of all standard incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.They also eliminate harmful frequencies beyond the visible octave with special built-in featuresShielding and grounding.If you can't get the Ott light, you can install your own shield on the whole light fixture, use chicken wire and lead tape on the starter at the end of the bulb, and then stop all thisEven with some full spectrum lights, one limitation is that the emitted light is still intermittent at 60 hz.Unfortunately, this is the threshold for visual flicker in normal visual systems.People with neurotoxins such as heavy metals or pesticides may be allergic to flashing lights.Ott lights eliminate visual flashing pressure by refreshing at a higher speed.Because flashing light will also use more nutrients in the retina, people who are sensitive to light may have more symptoms under fluorescent light.Other support is needed, of course, such as vitamin A, carotene, B complex, and zinc.Another better choice for indoor lighting is a variety of balanced spectrum incandescent lamps.Some of them use a purple nd coating inside the bulb, while others appear slightly blue.These lamps do not contain the UV part of the full solar spectrum, but they do present a balanced visible spectrum in order to reduce the electrical stress.QME brain Hood (8): A brain Hood invented by David Walker provides a new way to reduce the impact of magnetic fields.Bias mirror (8): the bias mirror regulates and coordinates the magnetic field.This can greatly reduce the stress level of the body system.It is advisable to combine the use of the polarizers with other support, such as remedies specifically tested for individuals.Polarizers can be used as either a personal model worn on the body or as a larger unit that affects the entire motor vehicle or the entire home or office circuit, if properly placed.Subtle energy magnetic field Breakers (8): these produce very positive feedback from users who are sensitive to the energy field.They claim to work by firing the neutral field, and the neutral field plays a role in the space around the unit, eliminating the existing back potential through disruptive interference.12 v dc electrical system (8): The DC system eliminates the 60 hz magnetic field of the main problem.Constant (non-However, there is oscillation in these systems when the current is turned on) EMF, although the degree of stress is much smaller.Note that when the inverter is added to the 12 V system, 60 hz oscillating current and field appear again.In addition, 120Hz oscillation is generated by 12 v fluorescent lighting.For more information about the specific equipment available, see the catalogue, such as real goods trading company, 1-800-762-7325, or your local 12 volt dealer.Speaker Phone (7): by moving the microphone and speakers away from your mouth and ears, you can reduce the electrical stress.This is especially important if you spend a lot of time on the phone.Japanese living magnetic sleep system and other magnetic products (7): These products produce a neutral polar constant magnetic field that helps to shield other interfering magnetic fields.Systems and their imitators often encounter several problems.In the long run, potential shielding magnetic fields can still cause chronic problems.Clinical experience has shown that in many cases, the most effective way to use this uniform neutral magnetic field system is to simply use it every day.In such a place without feng shui and electro-magnetic pressure, a nap or meditation of 20 to 30 minutes is ideal.Electronic Protection Deviceg.With Accessories) (7): these units provide a beneficial magnetic field without the need for metal in contact with the body.Teslar watch (6): The easiest solution for the electro-magnetic stress of the quartz watch is not to wear it on the body.They can be packed in wallets or boxes.If you can find the manual lever watch or the automatic lever watchClockwork) watches, which are also a good solution besides wearing metal on your body.Metal can act as an antenna that receives unwanted ambient frequencies and transmits them to your body.The same is true for the Teslar watch, and the difference is that the Teslar watch also produces a special 8Hz oscillation, which is beneficial to most people.It is similar to one of the main components of the Schumann field and is inadequate in most of our indoor environments.The main limitation of Teslar watch is that it only produces this frequency compared to the spectrum of abundant harmonics produced by the Earth.This means that even if you are wearing a Teslar watch, you should be outdoors in the natural environment every day.Non-Heating water bed (5): while eliminating the serious problems associated with heating coils in most water beds, the presence of water as a conductive medium close to the body remains a problem.It can amplify other existing magnetic fields.Magnets: point magnets, bar magnets, magnetic tapes and magnetic jewelry (4): these magnetic devices can stimulate the magnetic field of the body or shield the magnetic field applied externally.Unfortunately, for those of you who still have mercury filling or other metals in their bodies, they also have other problems.When used in consultation with knowledgeable professionals, they may be an important and effective part of treatment.The medical use of magnets is very helpful for those who have no metal in their mouths or parts of the body away from the head.The magnetic field has a powerful effect, which will not only vary at different frequencies, but also in the Arctic and Antarctic of the static magnetic field.The difference between the poles affects the pH value, which is also known as the magnetic factor.The Arctic is alkaline and the Antarctic is acidic.This is the basis of static magnetic field therapy, whether it is to use a powerful bar magnet of 8,000 Gaussian to saturate the entire organ, or a tiny point magnet of 800 Gaussian, stimulate a single acupoint without inserting a needle.In particular, the stimulated Antarctic should be used with care because it increases the growth of tumors or infectious organisms.Special care is also taken around the eyes and head, especially for prolonged exposure to large or high Gaussian fields.

Root vegetables and fruits from deep roots trees because they accumulate more long
Freshwater fish, because of the lack of other minerals present in the seawater, can easily absorb radioactive minerals.

Seed and nutritional food factors that can combine radioactive substances in the digestive tract and prevent absorption into the body include: iodine (stored by Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Sweden, etc.But not America;Although nuclear technology was publicly prohibited there, it was also smuggled into Antarctica.g.
calcium ( Sango-

sulfur-The vegetables of onion, garlic, beans, eggs and cross flower (cabbage), men who have sex with men, reduced gluten, American Taiwan Sugar, alpha-bitter acid contain amino acids.

clay (e.g.Bentonite or calcium-Rich bentonite called pascalite or EEWAY-KEE: Earth cured by Native Americans) it is important to consider the effects of different foods on your pH (magnetic factors) when planning your diet.Studies have shown that the effect of radiation is less when pH is balanced or "neutral.Specific supplements can be radiation protected: antioxidants (free radicals-
Melatonin (radiation-protective effects of melatonin were assessed by measuring chromosome damage in mitogenic and splinter cells.Mutat Res.1999 Aug 18;444(2):367-
Radiation-protective effect of Thistle (Thistle) on radiation-induced liver toxicity.Pharmacol Res.2002 Jun;45(6):447.
Vitamin C (also pay attention to the negative interaction with copper) (the role of vitamin C in radiation-DNA damage is induced in the presence and absence of copper.Chemistry Biol interaction.2001 Jul 31;137(1):75-
Antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium;Food Source: nut, Wheat embryo (nutritional method of Radiation Protection: Vitamin E ).Mil Med.2002 Feb;167 (2 support): 57-9;Detailed study ofOxidants -Lansen, MS, ND and brignor, ND;Effects of selenium and/or vitamin E therapy on radiationIntestinal injury in rats.-Life Sci 2000 in April 7;
Fat and fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids increase radiation sensitivity of 36 B10 rat Star cellsInduced cell deathLipids.1997 Mar;32(3):283-92;Twenty-carbon facial acids in the diet can prevent systemic immune suppression in mice induced by ultraviolet radiation.Radiat Res.2001 Jul;156(1):36-44;Dietary unsaturated fatty acids: Effects on chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer.Altern Med Rev.2002 Feb;7(1):4-
Plant chemicals (radiation attenuation-Genomic instability caused by radical scavenger and cell proliferation.Free Radic Biol Med.2001 Jul 1;31(1):10-
Abana (herbal preparation abana to prevent radiation-Induction of micronuclear test of mouse bone marrow.Mutat Res.1997 Sep 18;393(1-2):157-63;Summary of cancer chemical prophylaxis.Curr Med Chem.2001 Sep;8(11):1349-
Zisu (calcium Holy Land) (radiation protection-Ocimum Holy Land causes bone marrow chromosome damage in mice.Mutat Res.1997 Feb 3;373(2):271-6;Strengthening bone marrow radiation protection and reducing WR-Toxicity of 2721 Ocimum Holy Land.Mutat Res.1998 Feb 2;397(2):303-
Luteonlin -Food Source: Rooibos tea (radiation protection of antioxidant compounds in γ)Irradiated miceCancer 1994 in November;
Mayapple of Himaya, or mandrake of India (not readily available) (protects the intestines of mice from lethal radiation from a dislocation.Phytomedicine.2001 Nov;8(6):413-
Effects of mint (Mint) (mint leaf extract(Mint) effects on survival of mice exposed to different doses of gamma rays.Strenser oncorr.2002 Feb;178(2):91-
Vicky, Vicente-Source of food: the radiation protection of Baixiang flower, Basil (Xin Xiang Huang orient grass element and wisenning: mechanism of action-
Spirulina (algae) contains chlorophyll, vitamin B12, B6, and high levels of carrots (under the influence of different treatment methods, the adaptation potential of people who have cleaned up the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident ).2000 Apr-Jun;(3-4):18-21;The radiation protective effect of spirulina extract on bone marrow cells of mice was studied by micronuclear test.
Toxicol Lett.1989 Aug;48(2):165-9;Use of vitamins-Radioactive Biol containing complexes and Zijin extract in rat radiation damage.2000 May-Jun;40(3):310-4.Russian) remedy for elimination and protection: ChemoRad-Shield (shell and rot type)Acid Complex) (10): The ChemoRad Shield is an effective strategy against radioactive exposure, which combines a few ding sugar with huminate acid and/or yellow rot acid.D. D. Sugar (10): it is a marine fiber derived from the dealdehyde of crab shell fiber.By alternating washing with strong acid and strong alkali to remove the site on the acetate-based fiber carries a strong positive charge, contrary to that on the plant fiber.This provides a unique performance for the sugar, which can be combined with negative ions such as chlorine, as well as heavy metals, petrochemicals and radioactive particles.Subjects who took a couple of sugars after the Chernobyl accident were able to eliminate most of the radioactive material they came into contact with in just a few weeks.Hu Minic acid and Huang yuic acid (10) are extracted from mud coal.Over the course of thousands of years, peat swamps collect organic plant materials and, with the help of sunlight, extract some very interesting carbon compounds.It was found that when exposed to radiation and/or chemotherapy, Humin acid can maintain the efficiency of the immune system by 85%, which usually inhibits the effectiveness of the immune system by 15%.Huangfu acid is a closely related mineral transporter.M-Status minerals (10) replace these important but subtle nutrients that are discharged from our food and body by exposure to oscillating E. coliM.F.Remedy: reduce susceptibilityThere is no place on Earth to completely avoid the magnetic field of modern culture, let alone the natural magnetic field.Because radiation is known to have a greater impact on some people than others, it is obviously beneficial to improve the overall performance of your biological system.This reduces your susceptibility to stress, injury, and health risks.

Mentally ill peoplePhysical, mental, or psychological physicsg.

People with parasites or intestinal leak syndrome are basically sensitive to young children because their bodies are actively forming.People who are physically weak and ill are more sensitive because they are already dealing with toxins present in the system.Even if not, inject energy into these toxins.Ionization radiation only accelerates the degradation process.Remedial measures are natural support substances or energy that contribute to the healthy regulation of the normal functioning of the body.The best remedy is always determined by the individual, not only by stress, but also by the state of the body and its response to stress.Therefore, the best way is to personalize the method and observe in detail the functional behavior patterns of the physiological system to be supported.Systematic approaches to this include Oriental medicine, homeopathy, and modern biotechnologyAn energetic approach to regulation (BER.BER combines many tools and concepts in Early Eastern and Western functional biology observation methods.It is not limited to any philosophical framework or theoretical model.This allows the necessary flexibility to best analyze the interrelated complexities of stress found in today's population, from EMF to chemical contamination to psychological stress.Bio-based energy, nutrition and other personalized supportDynamic regulatory testing (10): This is the best way to support it as it addresses the unique problems and needs of everyone.Nutrients and remedies that can test individual effectiveness and tolerance include: Vitamins: β-carotene (pro-I), vitamin A (I), piranol (B6), cobalt amine (B12), pantothene (B5), Myo-L (B11), ACH (B5), p-amino acid (B5 ), biological total (P), vitamin C (C), and d-alpha-Minerals: bentonite clay (AlO2, etc ).), Calcium (Ca), chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), iodine (I), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), potassium (K), selenium (Se) and zinc (zinc) amino acids: amino acids containing sulfur in aged garlic (SGP or Kyolic), grown in the rural north island of Hokkaido, Japan, manufactured by Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company in Hiroshima Prefecture), his, gsm (sulfur containing amino acid precursor), and three amino acid chains (tripeptides) to reduce the type of amino acid peptide.Enzyme: Super-oxide enzyme, reducing enzyme.RNA and its decomposed product uric acid (an effective-oxidant).Adapted to the original: American ginseng (American ginseng), Siberian ginseng (cijia), maca (MACA), royal jelly, pollen (Cernilton.B.Cernelle in Sweden ).Plant: friendly yogurtEffective microbial population.Fiber: pectin, algae gum, kelp.Essential fatty acids (EFA): Shark Oil in shark liver has Radiation Protection (storm HM, Oh SY, Kimler BF, etc ).Radiation Protection Effect of dietary squalene on mice.Lipids.1993;28:555-
Omega-3 fatty acids (α-flax acid, EPA, DHA) in cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel fish and green fish ).Omega-6 fatty acids from seeds such as sunflower, sesame and pumpkin, and oils such as evening primrose, safflower, sunflower and flax seed (linen) (fatty acids, γ-flax acid, peanut four acids)Radiation antitoxin (vertex energology) (9): an example of the state-of-the-art family complexEnergetic formulaRadiation antitoxin is specially designed for those who have experienced the symptoms of EM stress.This complex helps balance all acupuncture and moxibustion channels.In the case of chronic electrical stress, it is often combined with other complexes such as resistanceOxidation protection and recovery of cell energy function.Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, zinc and selenium can also become beneficial partners.This treatment can activate the immune system and activate cell metabolism.Radiation antitoxin consists of 52 components.Composition of radiation-

(Minerals: potassium;

Phosphorus (minerals;

Vitamin EGemmotherapy (extracted from buds or other highly active plant tissues for stimulating the discharge of toxins): Ribes nigrum gemmaeAulterra (9) is a natural shunmagnetic and anti-magnetic element (m-National minerals ).DNA researcherThe study by Maria Syldona concluded: "...Natural coherent energy from Aulterra neutralizes non-coherent energy from human beingsMake it harmless to human DNA.\" (Dr.Maria Syldona, private talk, June 12, 2001) report on otellaNeutrals of Biotics researchersThere's Glen rein.Otterah neutralizer™It is the only product on the market that has in vitro research to prove that human DNA can be protected from the destructive effects of EMF exposure.This author, doctor.Glendwater (.k.A. wizard) conducted A preliminary study on the special shunmagnetic and anti-magnetic clay used to make Aulterra, and proposed the concept of its homeopathic activation.

Age Extension: remove the base chakra that triggers an imperfect vibration of the survival procedure (including sympathetic nervous system stress response.Detoxosode Radiation (HoBoN) (9): This complex Homeopathy contains several components that help to withstand the pressure of ionising Radiation.

Marine vegetation: Feng Shui tea for seaweed content (9): This tea is a combination of traditional oriental herbs designed to help reduce the sensitivity of the body to electrical stress.It was used as a drink for a few months.

Zi Su seed: smoked quartz (7) for regulating lung and nourishing intestines (source of EFAs) radiation (x-Ray): the gray, smoky quartz variety is made from the radiation absorption of crystal clear quartz in nature for thousands or millions of years.Some of the smoked quartz crystals on the market are now produced by manual heating and do not have the same quality of radiation absorption.The researchers studied the properties in eliminating exposure to x-Radiation from medical and dental X-raysrays.The point of the crystal is briefly placed on the exposed area until it is noted that the symptoms have eased.Alternatively, the effectiveness and compatibility of smoked quartz in living organisms can be testedEnergy test protocol.It has been found that in order to clear the crystals for further use, the crystals should be exposed to red light on a regular basis.In this way, the same crystals can be used continuously and effectively over time.The combination of several homeopathic potency (carrier frequency) of this cuckoo herb is worn to prevent electrical stress.Staufen HospitalPharmaceutical) (2): A doctor who is licensed to use a hospital may prescribe a personal effect or use a potency chord.This can be used on the basis of homeopathic interviews and/or functional testing protocols.Color and Light: color and light are closely related to the magnetic stress.What we are most sensitive about is that the visible spectrum is eight degrees.Our ability to receive appropriate light information and energy stimuli from the environment is a key factor in regulating each cell of the body.Melatonin is the hormone produced by the pineal body in response to the light/dark cycle and enters every cell of the body.When properly regulated by ambient light, it is the most effective force known for longevity and cancer prevention.Improper regulation will promote the occurrence of cancer.Color has been shown to change the balance of the autonomous nervous system, which dominates every organ of the body.This dual control system consists of two parts: the accessory nerve and the sympathetic nerve.Environmental stimuli such as EMF, artificial light, and other sources of pressure can trigger imbalances in the system.To maintain a balance in the body, individuals can also adapt to acute and chronic stress.This adaptation is another major reason because it interferes with the ability to respond best even in stress-free environments.Note the type of dysfunction, which is caused by the imbalance of sympathy and the accessory nervous system listed in the table.Symptoms of autonomic nervesImbalance: accessory nerve

Low voltage (I.O.P.

: Excessive activity of thyroid, stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen and intestines.Sympathetic-

Excessive activity: Thyroid, renal cortex, inferior cerebral artery, uterus, muscle.Color Therapy (7): Color is one of the most direct and profound applications of induction magnetic energy in balancing and healing the whole body.Syntonics is an optometrist that improves visual health and fitness by using color in the eyes.This is a good visual therapy if your eyes or vision are experiencing some problems that are not usually solved.These often misunderstood problems are often related to poor ability or distortion of effective receiving spectrum colors.By contacting the Syntonic optometry Academy, a recent qualified doctor can be recommended.If this treatment is not yet available in your area, find the most recent behavioral optometrists for more traditional visual therapy through the optometry extension program International Foundation or the school of visual development optometrists.Traditional approaches to visual therapy have been shown to enhance color acceptance and discrimination while working as a learning process rather than as an exercise.In this study, eye exercises themselves were associated with actual reductions in light acceptance and integration.Neurosensory development is a method of color therapy using the Lumatron instrument developed by the doctor.John Downing.Spectro-Chrome is a color therapy system developed by Dinshah where colors are applied to the body rather than the eyes.In the case of electro-magnetic stress, magenta is usually displayed on the body.It is particularly beneficial for the chest (heart) and lower back (kidney.It can help the body minimize the impact of the magnetic stress on the cycle.Night Lights (3): if it is necessary to continue using night lights, or use a flashlight at night, then you must use a red filter to eliminate the inhibition of pineal gland function.Activity: Visualization: the source of imaginary stress is getting smaller and farther, while breathing deeper as the body's relaxing experience.: Law: prayer, meditation, and meditation: for the life of your soul lies in your quest for truth and peace.Because your fasting and prayer is a remedy for your bishop's guidance.Because my God is for "I am ".Because "I" is part [] Pronouns, and: "Yes" as a verb.For our Lord is himself: the noun of any name, and his verb is his gift as our life.Visual Therapy activity: because vision is the most important feeling for human beings, and because vision is also our most sensitive electro-magnetic receiving system, the development and increase of flexibility of this system reduces the totalMatch your activity cycle with the sun: sunlight that is out of sync with the rhythm of the biological clock becomes the main electro-magnetic pressure.This is a major issue for night shift and shift staff.This is also a major factor in jet lag.It is very helpful to maintain a normal activity cycle every day.Case-History: receiver resonating with transmitter: As another example of possible interaction, the problem of a patient was not resolved until the interaction between the watch and the ring was identified as a source.There is a large crystal on the ring, which picks up the oscillation frequency of the quartz crystal in the watch.The metal of the ring then resonated with the two meridians on the ring finger: endocrine system and organ degradation and resonance of the emotional process.Several analogies can help illustrate the principle of transmitting energy through resonance.One example is if you are holding a bare fluorescent bulb with no wires or fixtures near the transmission line, it will actually light up.Another example that can be experienced is that if you have two stringed instruments or tuning forks that coordinate with each other, you can make tones on one of the instruments and the other in the distance.Now stop producing the vibration of the tone on the first instrument.You will be able to hear and feel the vibration of the second instrument.Of course, today we are all very familiar with the concept of electronic communication, which is almost taken for granted.However, think about your radio, TV, mobile phone, satellite link for long distance calls or remote control for cable programs, TVs and video recorders from distant cities, etc.All of these generic devices in the information age follow the same principles.The first radio was crystal radio.A crystal causes resonance due to radiation in the radio wave area of the spectrum.The rest of the spectrum is no different from the rest of the universe.The mitigation Foundation and a handful of other primarily private research organizations and clinics, such as the Hawaii Natural Medicine Center, are conducting ongoing research on emc stress and solutions.Next Article: Magnetism-
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