soft robotic mask - how to make papaya facial mask at home

soft robotic mask  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
How to make a soft robot, a personal custom silicone mask that responds to your facial expressions!
This post is based on Aposema;
Master's thesis project produced by Adi Meyer, Sirou Peng and Silvia Rueda, as part of the batlitt Interactive Architecture Laboratory, supervised by Yuri Suzuki and Ruri Green, 2017 for more information on Aposema, please visit our website and channel Vimeo.
All you need is a camera and the person you want to scan.
In well-lit rooms, take as many photos of models as possible when they are still.
Download the free trial of Agisoft from here: compile the image into a fairly accurate 3D model according to this tutorial: export the grid file.
Import your mesh into zbrush, where you can try out the software for free: just master some simple tools in Zbrush to make this mask.
There are many free tutorials online.
First of all, you should clean up your grid: Duplicates
Tool for clean grid and rename it.
Then, mask the area of the model you want to make: hold down the Ctrl key and left mouse button and drag it along the area you want to mask.
You can unmask the area by holding down doan Ctrl Alt and dragging the left mouse button along the area you want to unmask.
Go to visibility when you're done-
> Hide pt, then geometry-> Delete hidden.
After smoothing the edges and simplifying the mesh to your satisfaction, export the mesh as an OBJ file.
Drag your file to Rhino and zoom so it's about the real size.
Rhino has a free 90-day trial.
The ideal pattern for the design of millipedes and birds.
The mask consists of 2 layers: the base layer and the pattern layer, and 2 molds are required for each layer.
Cast hard silicone at your base and soft silicone at the pattern layer.
There are many brands to choose from, but this one is really good: during the drying period, the two layers are bonded together with silicone glue.
Write the Arduino Uno board, read the muscle sensor and start the pump or Air Pump (
See what you want to use)
Skin safety silicone glue the mask onto the skin of the model and put it on!
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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