sold on soap - organic professional skin care product lines

sold on soap  -  organic professional skin care product lines
In recent years, with the increasing attention of people to health problems and understanding of environmental hazards, natural products have become a major trend.
Interest in natural personal care products, especially skin care products and cosmetics, exceeds that of processed products
Technical formula in luxury packaging.
Nowadays, more and more consumers care about things on the skin, are not interested in technological innovation, and are more interested in ingredients and product efficacy.
As a result, many people are turning to hand-made products, and some even produce their own natural products.
For Louise Chu, founder of Claire's organic brand personal care product, it all started with the birth of her baby girl.
She wants to provide her daughter with a healthy chemical.
Free environment.
Chu stumbled upon a website about the benefits of breast milk soap and decided to take a local course to learn soap
Make and start making at home.
"I shared some soap with my friends and family when a batch of soap had 10 to 20 pieces," 35-year-old mother.
Some of her homemade soap is for people with skin problems such as eczema.
"Friends commented that soap relieved their skin condition," she said . ".
Soon, the news spread, Chu began to receive inquiries.
This led her to the idea of turning her passion and love into a career.
Without much background in beauty products, she has invested more than 0. 2 million RMB in local and foreign seminars and courses, and has obtained professional aromatherapy certification in the United States.
Claire's organic matter, named after Chu's daughter, Nora Claire, was established in the middle.
2012 as a blog with a line
Handmade soap and natural bodycare products.
Rely on the graphic design and marketing skills she gets from her full range of products
From product type to packaging, the whole brand image was created by Mr. Zhu himself.
She spent between RM3 000 and RM5 000 on raw materials, tools and packaging materials, and built a small production corner in her comfortable home.
"The cost of the online platform is the lowest, but once I start to venture into the bazaars, build an information booth, with more money, between 5 K and 10 K, A lot of physical strength and manpower has been invested. "
Under the expansion of the online platform, Chu promoted her brand on the weekend bazaar, handmade market and handicraft network in the second year, and then ventured to put her products on the shelves of the mall.
"Things are going well, I didn't expect my product to be on the shelves so soon," Chu said . ". As smooth-
Although it seems to be sailing, every business is facing challenges.
Finding time is one of the biggest challenges, Chu said, because she has to take care of the overall
Time to work, her homemade products and her daughter.
"I can only start production on the night after my daughter falls asleep.
"For a limited period of time, I also have to process orders for all three business platforms because I am the only platform to produce products," explains Chu . ".
Shorter Shelf
Another challenge she faces is the life of natural products and the process of their formulation.
Chu said that it is now the third year, and the business has been balanced, selling RM3 000 to RM5 000 per month from all three channels.
Claire's organic products range from soap, lipstick, facial oil and body scrubs at prices ranging from 15 yuan to 65 yuan.
When asked about plans to extend the brand to the physical store, Chu said that if there is capital to do so, and most importantly, her product remains original, she may consider it.
Meanwhile, Nadya Lee founded his own soap brand Saponifist three years ago. The 37-year-
The old has always been interested in opponent crafts and honed her skills in making accessories and artworks from an early age.
Li said: "I made my own pearl necklace and sold it to my school teacher when I was a junior, saving money for what I wanted to buy . " She added that her craft was encouraged by her mother.
Her best friend was DIY.
Her father's book
Li also likes taekwondo, yoga and belly dancing before back problems stop her more active hobbies.
Venture into soap
It was not until she was attracted by the herbal jars displayed in an antique little soap shop that she remembered making.
As her sister was in the beauty industry and Li had some basic knowledge of essential oils, she decided to give it a try.
Soon, she began to spend more and more time doing research and experiments on new product recipes.
According to Li, she spent more than two years researching and buying soap before entering the bazaars and setting up online stores.
Manufacturing tools and equipment.
"During the trial, I invested a lot of money in research, molds, tools and raw materials --and-
"This is a wrong time before actually selling anything," Li said . " He explained that the cost of molds in the United States may exceed RM1, 000.
"It was originally a hobby, so with a little bit of investment, I didn't really feel the pressure to splurge a lot of money at a time," she said . ".
As a trade graphic designer, from product recipes to unusual names and art packaging, Li's creativity is reflected in all aspects of the brand.
The brand draws heavily on the image of the Victorian era and evokes an ancient feeling
Old-fashioned pharmacist.
"I like things that are retro and artistic, and the concept of the pharmacist reflects the product and some of my own feelings.
"I want something different, not just because my product is natural, stick to the natural approach," Lee said . ".
It turned out that the brand was a success for Saponifist, as Lee attracted the curiosity of customers with her interesting style, which fits well with the concept of the brand.
Lee also likes to educate customers about the benefits of natural ingredients and the process of making products, and to encourage the use of natural products.
"I believe there is a solid foundation before developing things for others," Li said . ".
The soap, face oil, body scrub and essential oil Series of Saponifist range from RM15 to rm85.
Customized products can be provided according to the requirements of the company or individual orders.
Lee said that the brand achieved a break-even in the second year, and now the monthly sales range from RM500 to RM1, 000.
"I only sold RM200 worth of goods, and it's been a bad month," Lee said . " She added that she was not in a hurry to go out with the brand.
At present, Li said she is satisfied with the positioning of the brand.
"It's not easy to build a brand, even a small one.
But I always believe that if there is will, there will be a way.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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