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Silhouette line lift is a revolutionary facial lifting technology that is widely praised for its scarsMinimally invasive process.The purpose of this cosmetic technique is to restore the vitality of the neck, Middle face and eyebrow area through a simple lifting procedure, which can be performed as an outpatient service and requires a recovery period, no more than a whole week.The Silhouette line lifting procedure lifts, tightens, and redefines the face with immediate attention.
The poly-L-The lactic acid lines used in this facial lifting technique also provide a natural and progressive regeneration effect for the sink, as they help stimulate the production of collagen, which helps to restore the natural shape and vitality of the face.Threat lifting is a facial lifting procedure suitable for men and women with sagging skin in facial contours.People over the age of 30 are prone to such facial creases, which are naturally formed as they grow older.
Contour lift can be done on any skin type, although it may not be suitable for people who are allergic or sensitive to biological materials.For better results, silhouette lines can also be combined with genuine leather fillings and other facial contour treatments to help you recover your younger look.As we age, our appearance changes, especially when the skin loses its elasticity.
When this happens on the skin of the face, the face begins to become relaxed and drooping.As the skin becomes relaxed, facial fat also decreases and shifts due to gravity, resulting in jowls, lower eye bags, and flat cheeks.Facial muscles also lose their size and strength, which can also lead to aging of facial muscles.
The herringbone line lift is designed to correct these problems.The thread used in this process has a small cone that grabs and lifts the drooping soft tissue.These pedals are fixed at the back of the fiber tissue or ear of the patient's scalp.
The effect of contour lifting is the tightening of the skin and the reduction of facial creases.The thread lift relocates the fat, skin and muscles that shift the face to help the patient achieve a subtle, younger look.Many people who choose to lift the line combine this procedure with other minimally invasive procedures to maximize facial vitality.
The most common procedures used in combination with silhouette line lifting include laser rejuvenation, eyebrow lifting, Botox, dermal filling, and chin or cheek implants
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