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As we grow older, we lose the volume and tension of our muscles, as well as a certain degree of skin elasticity throughout the body, including the face.This leads to the weakening of different physical features, as well as the development of other ugly situations such as facial wrinkles and eye bags.Perhaps the most common cause of the bag under the eyes is the loss of fat muscle tissue on the upper cheek, right under the eyes.
Fat tissue that resides under the skin can be found through the body and face.This fatty tissue breaks down as it grows older, and it shrinks below the eyes faster than the rest of the face.This uneven deflation raises and protrudes the fat under the eyes, leading to the appearance of eye bags.
While aging is not helpful, there are ways to have an effect on anti-aging, keeping a young face with no eye bags.Eye bag removal surgery or eye bag plastic surgery is an operation designed specifically for eye bags and drooping eyelids, creating facial features that are bodybuilding and young.Eye bag surgery is an eye bag plastic surgery (more specifically, lower eye bag plastic surgery), which is performed by transferring fat, then smooth the lined, loose, and drooping skin that is often caused by natural aging processes or normal sunlight damage.
A successful eye bag removal from London results in a fresher, brighter, more toned eye area and overall younger facial look.Lower-eye pouch rhinoplasty or pouch removal usually involves removing or repositioning the fat tissue below the surface of the skin and loose skin below the eye.In a typical eye bag operation, a small incision is made below the lower lash line to remove excess skin and fat.
This is called a skin cut, making an external cut on the eyelash line so that it is almost invisible once it is fully healed.This method is very suitable for the drooping eye wheel array muscles (the muscles that support the eyelids) and the drooping skin under the eyes.The second type of eye bag removal procedure is known as a ball-through approach, including an incision within the eyelid, so that there is little sign of surgery.
Here, remove the fat bag under the eyes from the patient's lower eyelid
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