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Lack of sleep, long hours of work, or just staying awake to watch your favorite shows can lead to terrible eye bags.But the primary reason for eye bags is still aging.That\'s right-You can blame work and stress, but it may also be that you are getting older.
Fortunately, the presence of eye pouch removal surgery is one of the main signs of eliminating aging.Eye bag removal surgery or eye bag plastic surgery is an operation to remove excess, loose skin and fat tissue from the upper and lower eyelids to remove the eye bag, and in some cases repair the cap eyelid.There are three types of surgery: upper and lower eye bags, lower eye bags, and upper and lower combinations.
For the lower eye bag plastic surgery performed through the membrane sac, there is no need to remove the skin, where only the fat bag is removed.Please note that this procedure does not eliminate dark circles, wrinkles, and fish tail lines, although eye-lens eye bag plastic surgery can be done at the same time (where the laser on the re-surface will tighten the external skin ).This will reduce wrinkles and leave no external scars.
Residual redness can last for several months.Surgery usually takes about two hours and requires general anesthesia.It may be a day thing, but it is also recommended to spend the night.
After the operation, suture strips will be applied to support the eyelids.The straps will be removed three to five days later.There are some common risks in this operation, such as infection, permanent numbness, blurred or double vision, and poor scars.
Hematoma or bleeding under the skin after surgery is also normal, which usually disappears within two to three weeks.However, if the blood pool is large, it may have to be drained.If you see a white cyst on the suture, you also don't need to worry about it, which can be easily removed by your surgeon with a needle.
Make sure he or she is a GMC when choosing a surgeon for eye bag removal-registered.One of the best in the country has won awards, conducted thousands of businesses and has more than 15 years of experience
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