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The pouch under the eye corresponds to the swelling of the lower eyelid.They can be short-lived when they wake up, or they can settle longer during aging.It should not be confused with dark circles, dark circles are due to the darkening of the skin caused by poor blood circulation, or because of the refinement of the skin under the eyes.
The aging and aging of the skin accompanying it is one of the main reasons for the appearance of eye bags.Fat is usually in the eyelid to help support the eye, slipping into the lower eyelid under the effects of skin gravity and relaxation.The skin also loses its flexibility and firmness.
Then, the lower eyelids will drooping, and bags will form under the eyes.Like dark circles, eye bags will appear when you wake up.The lymph that is responsible for transporting blood waste at night accumulates in the lower eyelid, which causes temporary swelling.
This swelling usually fades in the morning, but the pocket will last longer, especially if you have a circulation disease.The bags under the eyes did not appear overnight.Over time, they settle down and become more visible as they grow older.
Unhealthy lifestyles (lack of sleep, excessive drinking and smoking) accelerate the development of eye bags.Treatment and Prevention: What solutions?The pouch under the eyes is mainly aesthetic discomfort, but it is usually not serious and does not require medical care.However, if the swelling is serious, the time is prolonged, or accompanied by redness, itching, or pain, you can consult your doctor, such as the leg, if it affects other parts of the body.
The physical examination will then rule out more serious causes such as thyroid disease, infection or allergies.Treat your lifestyle, especially your sleep.Eight-
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