soothing hydrating dyi facial mask amazing argan oil benefits for skin and hair -

soothing hydrating dyi facial mask amazing argan oil benefits for skin and hair -
Argan oil's biggest advantage in beauty care is its ability to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized.The fatty acid content in the oil can easily penetrate deep into our skin to make up for all moisture loss.
And it's right.Irritating and non-irritatingGreasy, make it a great natural moisturizer for every skin type.Because of its powerful oppositionArgan oil has an inflammatory effect and is also very good for treating diseases such as psoriasis and eczema that cause rough and dry skin.
In order to prepare a homemade hydrating mask, try mixing 1 tablespoon.Honey of 3 tsps.Yogurt and 3-5 drops of Moroccan nut oil.Apply directly to your facial skin using the mixture and allow it to stay for about ten minutes.Rinse clean with warm water.Use this homemade mask once a week to achieve the desired best results.
After bathing or bathing, you only need to use 3-5 drops of warm argan oil to rub your skin directly with gentle movements.You can also use argan oil as a skin moisturizer at night to make your skin smooth and soft.
Argan oil is also an ideal medicine to treat skin cracking and dryness on the heel or foot.Its moisturizing properties can work effectively as a heel softener and nourish them to make it look soft and soft.It can even help to prevent skin infections and reduce pain associated with cracked feet.
Soak your feet with soap and warm water in the tent o 15 minutes.
Use pumice to remove dead skin cells from the heel and feet.
Rinse your feet with warm water and dry them thoroughly.
Use some argan oil to rub on the sole and heel and massage in about 5 minutes.
Wear a pair of clean socks and wait for at least 20 minutes, but it's better to have it for the night.
Apply this method for 2-3 days a day until the crack disappears until your feet look healthy again.
Argan oil can work effectively as a good skin moisturizer.In addition, the vitamin E content of this oil is very nutritious for fragile nails.It can even help repair damaged nails and encourage them to grow.In addition, argan oil can prevent the problem of fungal nail infection.
First of all, you just need to soak your nails by mixing the same amount of argan oil and fresh lemon juice.Soak your nails in the mixture after about 20 minutes.Use this treatment nailStrengthen 1-2 times a week to achieve the desired best results.
Alternatively, try applying some argan oil on your nails and do some gentle massage action on your nails in about five minutes to promote blood circulation to your nail bed.Use this method once a day before going to bed as a skin moisturizer.
If your lips are cracked, especially due to dry or cold weather, then use argan oil to solve this popular problem.The powerful moisturizing performance of Argan oil helps ensure that your lips remain soft.
In addition, the antioxidant properties contained in argan oil are of great help in preventing pain and protecting lips from injury.
To make a exfoliating lip cream, try mixing 3-5 drops each of vanilla extract and argan oil in half a teaspoon.Good brown sugar.Gently massage the lips with a mixture of circular movements.Wash off with warm water and then wipe a drop of argan oil on your lips.This treatment is only applied once a week.
Or, in about a minute, try rubbing and massaging one or two drops of argan oil on your dry lips.Apply this method before going to bed every day.Be sure to wipe all the excess oil with a paper towel.
Argan oil can make our hair softer.The oils and fatty acids contained in this ingredient help to improve the health of the hair's skin and make our hair easier to manage and shine.
In addition, argan oil helps protect our hair from chlorine from swimming pool and sun exposure.It even helps tame curly hair and repair the fork.
• Use argan oil for leaveIn the conditioner, when your hair is still wet, rub it on your scalp, end and hair with 3-5 drops of argan oil.Then, styling the hair as usual.
Alternatively, try to massage your hair and scalp in about five to ten minutes using warm argan oil.Put on a shower cap for about half an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo as usual.This method is applied two or three times a week to achieve the desired best results.
Today's article presents a short list of the 10 best benefits of argan oil for skin and hair, people should not look down but learn carefully and know why we should use this natural ingredientIf you have any questions about the content of this article, please leave your comments and feedback below and wait for the author's copy as soon as possible.Released by Huyen My, health and beauty expert at VKool.Com and AllRemedies.
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