sources of glycerine - organic plant based skin care products

sources of glycerine  -  organic plant based skin care products
Glycerin, also known as glycerin or glycerin, is a smelly chemical used as an additive in many pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.
Glycerin is used as a lubricant in body care products to increase the convenience of product application and as a moisturizer to suck moisture into the skin.
Although all glycerin has similar functions in cosmetics and products, it can be obtained from multiple sources.
The source of animal fat glycerin is a by-product of animal fat soap.
According to the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, the glycerin in animal fat comes from animal glycerin, a fat molecule commonly found in animal blood and a major component of animal fat tissue.
Each tri-acid gan oil molecule contains three fatty acid chains, all of which are connected to the main body of the glycerin.
During the production of the soap, the bond to fix the fatty acid on the glycerin is broken and the glycerin is released as a by-product.
The glycerin obtained from animal products is usually labeled as "glycerin.
"If you are worried about eating animal by-products, you may also find products that contain vegetable glycerin.
The lipids of the plant are also usually stored in the form of glycerin triacid.
Because of the different fatty acid chains, the plant glycerin triacid ester is often different from the animal glycerin triacid ester;
Plant glycerin triacid ester usually contains a chain of unsaturated fatty acids that form a curved shape, which causes the lipid to form a liquid oil at room temperature.
Vegetable Glycerin is a by-product of soap made from vegetable oil.
Many products that use vegetable oil as a source of glycerin may indicate that they do not have animal products or that "plant glycerin" is listed as an ingredient.
In some cases, glycerin may come from a synthetic source and be produced in the laboratory as a product of a chemical reaction starting with oil.
However, over time, the market for the synthesis of glycerin has been reduced, as it is a by-product of several industrial processes, including soap and biodiesel production, according to the Journal of biodiesel
As demand for synthetic oil decreases, natural glycerin may be used in more industries, the Journal reported.
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