speedy facial: taxi driver wearing a face mask while driving is suspended - every man jack facial sheet mask

speedy facial: taxi driver wearing a face mask while driving is suspended  -  every man jack facial sheet mask
In east China, a taxi driver was found using quick facial care while working. The beauty-
It was later confirmed to be 25-year-
On Friday, Chen Yiqun was found wearing a sheet mask behind the steering wheel in Taizhou, Zhejiang province.
According to Chinese media reports, unlike millions of netizens, local police were not interested in the man's skin care procedures and called him for a "stern speech ".
His taxi company also suspended for three days.
A theme page under the label, called Chen "exquisite taxi driver", collected more than 0. 55 billion about China Micro
Microblogging website.
Watch and learn, ladies! Said one user.
"There is no excuse for laziness anymore.
According to the Beijing News, Chen worked in a taxi company for less than a month, but he said that long shifts had an impact on his health and skin care conditions.
He said that there were no passengers in my car at the time and my skin was injured due to sensitive and dry places.
"I have so many flaws and acne on my face," he added . " So he decided to wear the middle sheet mask while driving to the gas station.
However, he was discovered by a woman who took a picture of him and uploaded it online.
'I just wanted to show a professional look to my passengers,' he said.
"It seems to me that even as a taxi driver, you should not look sloppy and sloppy.
"Since there is no law prohibiting the use of masks while driving, the police have severely warned him.
An official told him that security should be your most important concern.
Police have warned that wearing a mask while driving can pose a safety risk as it can slip and mask the driver's vision.
Chen admitted his mistake and said he would try to find time to wear a mask outside of work.
He also said he likes to wear masks three to four times a week.
During his trip to Hong Kong, he will spend up to 30,000 yuan (£3,300)
Cosmetics and skincare products.
However, this was not the first incident when the driver was caught wearing a mask on the road.
In January, in front of a police roadblock, a woman was found wearing a seaweed mask to catch a drunk driver.
It is reported that on March 2014, a female driver wearing a mask while driving scared an elderly woman and had to pay her 200 yuan (£22)
After the police received the alarm
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