spirulina peel-off facial masks recipes, facial masks for blackheads at home

spirulina peel-off facial masks recipes, facial masks for blackheads at home
Many people have problems with acne, especially teenagers.The blackheads on a person's skin look a little pimples.They vary in color from yellow to black.There are people who buy products, there are acne on the market, but there are also acne masks at home, which can be made from products at home.This is the home of the mask, it will keep the face of the person for a period of time and remove the result of the person.Here are the steps to use black for home masks.The first step in separating two eggs to make a mask at home is to prepare the eggs.Open the eggs and separate them just to keep the protein.To ensure consistency, beat your white man for a few seconds using a blender.They will make a good mask because they will harden very quickly.Add a little lemon juice.The next step for a home mask is to add lemon juice.Stir your white and add a teaspoon of lemon juice.Mix them together until they are fully mixed.Juice is known as α-oh and is known for blackhead acid.Juice can also penetrate into pores to remove dead skin cells, grease and other impurities that cause acne.Juice also shrinks pores, which is another mask advantage at home.Clean the face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser.This will remove any dirt or oil and prevent the home mask from sticking to the skin.
Apply the mixture to your face and make sure all your skin is fully covered.Make sure your skin is covered and it won't be a thick mixture.Allow the dry mask to remain on the face for 15-20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry and hard.It can be hard when you touch it and you can't move my face.Your protein will tighten the mask for this period of time and hardness.Gently pull out their skin mask at home and face the sea.She should have acne when she comes down.Rinse the mask with water without any benefit as it does not respond to acne.The mask to remove the debris will give you the best results.Wash your face with warm water once your mask is completely off.When you dry your face and moisturize my lotion.This will reduce irritation and close and tighten pores.This is a great home mask that removes acne and makes your skin look and feel better.
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