star wars facial mask Avatar - James Cameron and Pandora

star wars facial mask Avatar - James Cameron and Pandora
Avatar is destined to become a classic.The image of competitors, sometimes more than Star Wars.From the first frame to the inspiring end, watching Avatar is like a roller coaster ride.You will feel like you are riding a dragon through Pandora's floating mountains in this beautiful world with Na \ 'vi.
Avatar was created by James Cameron, who also directed the big epic.Special effects have been made for many years and are worth waiting.The color and depth of detail in this movie will surprise your senses and give you a feeling of doubt.This story is a battle of good and evil, with the atmosphere of Mother Earth, which will fascinate you in this cultural conflict.
The story behind it is that a large company designed to take over Pandora from the hands of locals because of the huge value of this mineral.The company has set up a group of scientists to work with locals on a moon called Pandora.The locals are 12 feet tall and the bones are blue like rubber, so they are very strong.Scientists have developed virtual humans, a mix of Na \ 'vi and human dna.Scientists can live these incarnations through the fusion of thinking technology.
Enter Jack Sally, Sam Worthington (Terminator rescue), a Naval vet who lost his legs in service.He made a six-year tour of Pandora, hoping to restore his legs through the avatar program.The person in charge of the project is Dr.Grace Augustine, Signey Weaver (Alien series), who is tough and has no impression of Jack.The base is headed by Colonel Miles quarrich, Stephen Lang (the man staring at the goats), a core marine who eats bullets for breakfast.The colonel would rather shoot the local Na \ 'Vi and finish it.Nice guy.
Jack likes his new body, not only the legs, but also the agility of his avatar.In carrying out the reconnaissance mission, Jack was separated from the organization and rescued by Neytiri, the daughter of Chief Na'vi.The chief and his wife decided to kill Jack and ordered natiri to teach him their methods.She was not excited because she thought he was a fool.Na \ 'vi believes that all life on Earth is connected to beasts, bugs, plants, etc.The source of life in their world.They live in their hometown as high as a mountain.Neytiri teaches Jake Na \ 'vi all the mysterious ways and their right of way.Jack has to pass the test from riding a horse to catching a banshee, a very large creature like a dragon, and then he learns to ride.The visuals can surprise you, and when Jack experiences riding a banshee, you feel like you're on a very private thrill trip.
Colonel quarrich is using all this information to conquer Na \ 'Vi.Jack began to feel guilty about delivering the message because he was full of illusions about the whole experience.Jack was brought to the tree of the soul through his ceremony, a sacred place.Jack told Nitti that he had fallen in love with her and that she loved him in turn.They announced marriage and sex.
Well, as you guessed, things got worse, the colonel attacked his hometown and Jack tried to convince Na \ 'Vi to leave.It's not going well, Jack is now labeled a traitor.The colonel found Jack standing on the side of Na \ 'Vi and actually unplugged the Avatar program.At the same time, Na \ 'Vi was slaughtered and their homes destroyed.Jake and DR.Augustine is now abandoned by both sides in the conflict.
Jack decided to stand on the side of Na \ 'Vi and grabbed Toruk, the King of Banshee.He flew into camp Na \ 'Vi and they were impressed.He gave an impassioned speech and asked Na \ 'Vi to gather all the tribes of Pandora to repel the invaders.Dr.Augustine and a number of scientists, along with Trudy, Michelle rodgez (quick and Furious), a gunboat pilot stole her gunboat and joined Na \ 'Vi.They took the battle to the floating mountains of Pandora.
The battle is epic.The special effects are dazzling and you will feel part of the battle scene.You are there.After many long battles of twists and turns and plot twists and turns, Na \ 'Vi won.The company and their troops were sent home and Jack would of course stay in naiti.
The magic of Avatar is that James Cameron has created a compelling story and the Zen power of Na'vi.The spiritual experience of hometown, tree of soul and Fushan will fascinate you and expand your experience.As I said, unique special effects are beyond your wildest dreams and you will be there.I said "Avatar" is destined to be a classic. I think it is already a classic.I predict that because of its uniqueness, it will create billions of dollars worldwide.This will be the standard for special effects.I dare say that avatar is a must-see movie.

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