stinky tofu: taiwan's tasty snack packs a rotten stench - facial mask recipes for soft skin

stinky tofu: taiwan\'s tasty snack packs a rotten stench  -  facial mask recipes for soft skin
TAIPEI (Reuters)-
The more smelting the better.
In Taiwan, stinky tofu is a popular fermented snack that attacks the nose but makes the taste pleasant.
This smell is between burning garbage and body smell, drifting through the narrow alleys of the street market on East Asian islands, drowning the taste of fruit stalls and the smoke smell of barbecue stalls.
But with long queues at any stinky tofu shop, its appeal is undeniable.
Stewed, braised or stewed deep
Fried, vegetables can be served with sauerkraut, bamboo shoots, "thousandyear-
The blood of the old egg or duck is condensed.
"The nose is hard and the tongue is easy," said the operator of a stall in the old street of deep pit (Old Street)
In the eastern suburbs of the capital, her surname is Chen. A 15-
Chen made a roast version of dozens of stinky tofu restaurants in Taipei, topped with thick salty sauce and vegetables.
Enjoy it under the awning of the temple next door, and the soft white condensed milk melts in the mouth like a pudding --
The taste of the story came.
In order to experience different experiences, try The Yongfeng Daji restaurant in the night market of National Taiwan Normal University in the center of Taipei City.
Its crispy tofu revolves around the chewy, delicious interior with a crack-like consistency.
Each cube has a "injection" of soy sauce and every bite will pour out.
The secret of the bad smell is the fermentation process, which can take a few days to a week.
The restaurant is very protective of their salt water recipes, from Chinese cabbage, tea to meat, shrimp or milk, and salt water can be made up of anything.
The Jiaziyuan restaurant in Xinbei city serves nearly 20 kinds of stinky tofu, adhering to the strict vegetarian system, taking mountain spring water as the base of marinade and seasoning Chinese medicine. Co-
Owner Chen lahao said stinky tofu is rich in beneficial bacteria, similar to beneficial bacteria in yogurt.
One of her best sellers, Mara (hot peppercorn)
The soup is rich in variety, and the broth featuring peppers, ginger, mushrooms and black beans contains rich dough tofu.
"There are a lot of foreigners who come here and refuse to touch it and then find themselves pleasantly surprised by the taste," she said . ".
The origin story of stinky tofu is as diverse as the dish itself.
But according to the California soybean information center, most varieties are believed to be rooted in the southeastern waters of Greater China.
Many legends say it was created by a careless vendor of the Qing Dynasty by chance. he stewed tofu for a whole season, but found a foul --
It smells delicious.
No matter what its true origin is, stinky tofu has won converts outside of China --
Even in 2011, CNN was the world's most delicious food.
"It smells bad," said Sarah Byrne, a Taipei-based Canadian.
"But I like the taste here.
This is definitely a taste of the day after tomorrow.
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