stop buying toxic beauty products—make cheaper, all-natural ones right in your kitchen - organic non toxic skin care products

stop buying toxic beauty products—make cheaper, all-natural ones right in your kitchen  -  organic non toxic skin care products
Many of the beauty products you buy in medicines and department stores contain potentially toxic ingredients such as P-ester, their active ingredients are made of alcohol, lactic acid, apples and other substances, as well as alpha-oh acid and vitamin A acid extracted from food.
Since your skin is porous, annoying chemicals can be absorbed by your body, and even the normally conservative CDC points out that they can be "absorbed by the skin ".
"It means that those products that you think make you more lovely can have potentially harmful effects throughout your life.
Thankfully, there is a healthy and effective option.
Cheap and beneficial beauty care with food.
These DIY versions are very effective and they contain good things like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can be "absorbed by the skin" but do not cause you harm.
Bonus: They will not pollute the earth once they are washed clean.
Also, they are cheaper.
A fast Internet Search appeared before.
Body Scrub from $14 to $48 (
Products up to 16 ounces).
At the same time, you can buy 4 pounds of sea salt online, or buy the same cheap sea salt in the bulk bin of the natural food store.
This is enough grinding material for a lot of body scrubs!
Considering the same cost of a can of organic coconut oil from Trader Joe'seffective—$5. 99.
Removing dead skin using a refrigerator is a treasure trove of mask ingredients.
If you want to remove dead skin cells from your face, go for tasteless yogurt or buttermilk (
But don't eat sour cream.
Too many additives).
Both products contain lactic acid, and many OTC facial peels contain lactic acid.
Hey, it is said that Cleopatra used to bathe with milk a lot in the past to help remove the dead skin.
If you can't believe the legendary Queen, who can you believe?
Be careful though: lactic acid will really lose a layer of skin on your face.
If you really have oily skin, use it for 10 minutes and use it for 10 minutes if your skin is sensitive or dry.
Believe me, I used to do a yogurt mask for 20 minutes.
Result: starfish Patrick, who was sunburned.
I love natural skin care and have a basic yogurt mask and great recipes for some changes.
A moisturizing mask that dries peeling or cleans a ripe banana or avocado and applies it to your face will keep it healthy and silky.
Also, you don't have to worry if you have a little bit in your mouth.
Avocado is rich in vitamins, antioxidants like eggplant lycopene and carrots, and healthy oils.
When making a mask, make sure you scrape off the dark green part that is glued to the Peel
This is where most nutrients are.
Bananas contain A large amount of nutrients needed for the health of the skin: magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and.
So you can not buy expensive Vitamin C serum and vitamin A cream (
Retinoic acid from vitamin). Honey: An All-
Purpose ointment-to-
As we all know, honey has many therapeutic properties that are beneficial to the skin --
Science is catching up now. It's anti-
Help the wound heal and prevent infection.
It works well as a mask, especially if you have acne
Also very sensitive skin.
You can pat it on zit to help it heal overnight without drying the skin.
Before applying heavy lips, I like to rub a little on cracked lips
Heavy duty lip balm.
Another advantage of honey is that there are many different kinds to try.
I like Manuka or raw honey, both of which are very beneficial to the skin.
In my opinion, you should avoid pasteurized honey.
Pasteurization means putting the product at high temperatures, which can kill some of the natural enzymes and cultures in honey.
Its sugar content is too high, so it will never go bad.
Oatmeal: a delicious clean serum meal is another amazing skin care tool that is most likely placed in the kitchen and not used.
Since oatmeal contains soap-based ingredients or mild detergent, oatmeal can be used to clean sensitive, dry, or eczema --and psoriasis-
Easy skin with good results.
Oatmeal contains a lot of goodfor-
Your ingredients include a strong resistanceinflammatory.
It is no wonder that for a long time, people have been using a colloidal oat bath for itchy skin.
But you don't have to run out and buy plastic oatmeal (
This is very fine oats), either.
You can make your own products by grinding rolling or steel
Cut the oats in a good mixer or food processor and use it as a mask or cleaner in the bathtub.
You can soak rolling or steel if the workload is too large
Place oats in the water for the night and use the resulting "milk" as a gentle mask or cleanser
Or follow the Bubz Beauty approach: Zap Zits does work by applying the FoodOTC zit medication, but they often leave me red, irritating skins that laterAll-
Natural choices take longer to work, but they don't leave serious scars.
Try to extract a little juice from the split clove of garlic, honey or apple cider vinegar on your zit.
As mentioned above, honey has the same antibacterial effect as garlic.
At the same time, many home beauty lovers are also touting apple cider vinegar to restore the sour taste and pH balance of the skin.
Mix or dilute with water, baking soda, lemon juice or lime juice and grind-
Aspirin also works well.
The main ingredient of aspirin is chemically similar to the well-known acne fighter-sa, so make sure you're using real aspirin instead of the ibuprofen or the coupon pill.
There's also baking soda.
Bacterial properties (
For real science nerds, it is also of both sexes, meaning it can be used as an acid or an alkali depending on the substance it reacts.
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and is highly acidic.
Before applying to the skin, it must be diluted with water (
You 'd better keep it in a short time).
In fact, some people suggest skipping it entirely because of its power.
Personally, I have used it without any harm, but my skin is very greasy.
Your skin will feel very rough after a long dry winter or summer.
To remove all dead skin cells, you don't have to buy some scrub that is overpriced.
Instead, make your own use of grinding agents such as coffee grounds (
It contains antioxidants and caffeine, which can reduce fat mass), sugar (
Predecessor and natural moisturizer or moisturizer of Glycol acid), or sea salt (
Another natural humor.
When these scrubs are mixed with water or oil for a moisturizing effect, they peel off the dead skin for just a few pennies.
You can get some very delicious DIY body scrub recipes at treehuger.
While strawberries and apples may not be as effective as whitening strips, the former contains mild vitamin C
The whitening effect is good, while the latter has a high malate content, which is found in many sour fruits and has the same effect on teeth.
You can mash these fruits on your teeth.
Or just want to eat a lot.
Generally good eating habits (
Like eating a lot of fresh produce.
There are several reasons to help keep your teeth white: strong, crunchy, high
Fiber foods like carrots have a "scrubby" effect on the teeth to remove stains.
In addition, chewy agricultural products (
And other chewy foods like raisins)
According to the New York City dds ms Jyoti Srivastava, let the mouth produce saliva, neutralize the elements that attack the enamel
Based on an oral fixer.
As mentioned above, the body moisturizes the skin as the largest organ of your body, with incredible porous and water-absorbing capacity.
Not with a group of men.
I like to "feed" my skin directly from the kitchen with oil when it feels dry: olives, coconuts and cannabis seeds.
Although many oils have a good moisturizing effect, these are my favorite ones. Why?
All three oils are rich in antioxidants and resistance.
Inflammatory factors like omega 3 s.
They are not as easy to absorb as the store
Bought a moisturizer, but once I'm ready to get dressed, I put an old towel on hand to wipe it clean.
Hair Care and coconut oil act on the skin like a gangster but they are also very deep
Conditioning Mask for hair.
Italian women have been using olive oil as a DIY hair mask for many years, as evidenced by a scientific study by. S. Rele and R. B.
Coconut ile says Coconut oil can actually boost hair.
When you think it is appropriate, you can also mix the oil of your choice with other moisturizing ingredients.
Here's a good list of other ingredients that work for hair and some great DIY hair mask recipes.
What if your hair is oily or flat?
The culprit may not be your genes, but too much styling residue and ineffective shampoo.
You don't need to buy an expensive shampoo.
Up: rinse with baking soda or apple cider vinegar.
I also like to make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub my scalp with it --It feels so good!
Last but not least: SunscreenYes, you can even make it yourself
Natural sunscreen without toxic ingredients, mainly using food
Grade of ingredients.
Take a look at Yumi's guide for how to learn.
Keep in mind that this will only scratch the surface.
There's a DIY beauty world out there, from ginger, cinnamon or protein masks to using lemon juice and vodka to lighten your hair.
What food do you recommend as a beauty product?
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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