strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient 34 Uses of Magnesium Carbonate

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient 34 Uses of Magnesium Carbonate
Magnesium carbonate is commonly used in antacids and laxatives.This scientific article presents information on how this compound can be used in various industries from food to fertilizer, from medicine to cosmetics.Keep reading and learn about the benefits it has for athletes and athletes.
Magnesium carbonate is an inorganic salt obtained by mining mineral magnesium.
It is often called "chalk ".\ "It is also obtained through laboratory synthesis.The compound is solid and odor-free and is available for various commercial uses in the form of white powder.It is used in many industries, in a variety of products and processes.
When it reacts with acid, it releases carbon dioxide and water.
Most of its uses are based on its moisture absorption properties.Common commercial uses are described here.
It is widely used as a food additive.Add the pure form of this compound to the cooking salt.About a hundred years ago in 1911, Morton Salt company added a certain amount of this compound to salt for the first time, and found that salt did not become lumps in wet weather.
Keep salt freeflowing.
Athletes and gymnasts rub this white chalk on their hands (even on their legs if needed.This helps to improve their performance because the drying of the hands will bring a better grip.
Let their hands dry and sweatfree.
It is the basis for the treatment of indigestion, rheumatism and gout.
It exists in body powder, face powder, body powder, etc.
When added to the cow feed, it provides the essential element "Magnesium ".
It is mainly used to produce magnesium oxide or magnesium sand by calcining method.Magnesium is used in the production of various medicines, cement, book preservation, etc.
It is almost impossible to mention every use of this compound because it is used in many ways to make countless products.A large intake of magnesium carbonate may serve as a relief.So, the supplementary form should be done under the guidance of your doctor.
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