strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient How to Make Magnesium Oil at Home

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient How to Make Magnesium Oil at Home
The application of magnesium oil has brought several benefits.In the NutriNeat article below, we will detail the benefits, the way to prepare oil at home and the right way to apply it.
After the preparation of magnesium oil is completed, it is not necessary to refrigerate.
Magnesium is an extremely important element necessary for the human body.In fact, it is necessary for every cell in the human body to function smoothly.The consumption of this nutrient is necessary for the health of bones, teeth, joints and muscles, as well as for reducing stress and achieving optimal sleep.
However, due to the way of life we follow today, we do not have the necessary level of access to this nutrition in the most natural way;In addition, the natural source of magnesium is rapidly consuming.Magnesium is the most natural element in the soil and the trace element in the water.Our contact with the soil is almost zero, and our water is purified to the point where magnesium is completely eliminated.This lack of nutrients can lead to some negative reactions and affect the overall functioning of the body, as this is important for the health of each cell of the body.
One easier way to ensure that we achieve the daily supplement of magnesium required by the body is to apply magnesium oil.In fact, magnesium is more easily absorbed by our body through the surface of the skin than when it is taken.Similarly, even if Epsom salt (magnesium) is added to the bath to increase the magnesium content in the body, it is well known that magnesium oil is more easily absorbed.Magnesium oil can be bought at any time in the store;However, it is more economical (and fairly simple) to do the same thing at home ).How does a person do it?The formulation of how magnesium oil is made and the technology to properly apply magnesium oil has been explained in the following sections.

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Boil the water in AfricaAluminum Pan.
Put the magnesium in a glass bowl.
Pour water into a glass bowl and stir until the sheet is completely dissolved.
Let the mixture cool before you transfer it to the spray bottle.
Spray directly on the skin and rub it gently.
After applying it, it immediately feels moist and greasy.This will be in 10-20 minutes.
It may leave a white film on the surface after it is completely dry.You can wipe it off with a cloth.
Use 8 at the beginning-Spray liquid on your skin 10 times.Slowly increase to 20-Spray 30 times a day.
If you use this oil for the first time, there will be a tingling or tingling sensation once you apply the spray.This feeling requires some apps to be completely numb.This reaction is predictable.
In some cases, spraying in fat areas such as the abdomen, thighs and hips reduces tingling.Avoid area creases at the elbow and bottom, neck, and behind the knee. These areas are more sensitive than the rest of the body and may cause more tingling.
If you shave your legs or hands, don't apply oil immediately after that, because it will cause a lot of burning.It is recommended that you wait at least 12 hours after shaving.
You have to wait at least 30-after applying-40 minutes before the shower.This will ensure that magnesium is fully absorbed into the skin and will not be washed out.
As we all know, the application of magnesium will loosen the stool, so if you need to know if you have used the correct amount, please observe the stool: If the stool becomes too loose, you must reduce the amount of spray.
Magnesium Oil is not only a great way to make sure you get the magnesium supplements your body needs every day, but you are also saving money by preparing at home.Win-win.Don't you think this is a good way to bring health benefits?
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