strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Citrate as Laxative

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Citrate as Laxative
Magnesium citrate increases the amount of water in the intestines, thus inducing bowel movement.This article provides information about the use of this chemical preparation as a convenience agent.
Magnesium is the mineral nutrient required for the normal operation of the scriptures and muscles.Some derivatives of magnesium are widely used to promote defecation.For example, taking a drug containing sodium hydroxide can help relieve symptoms of temporary constipation.Similarly, magnesium citrate is used in clinics and hospitals to induce defecation before surgery, colonoscopy, or other treatment procedures.
Magnesium citrate is prepared by the combination of magnesium and citrate in a specific proportion under certain conditions.In chemistry, it is a highly permeable brine.Once inside the body, it draws water from cells and tissues through infiltration.Therefore, a large amount of water has been accumulated in the intestinal part, which helps to induce the impulse to defecate.This is an effective laxative drug for the clearance of the intestine and rectum before surgery.
In addition to delivering magnesium citrate salt water commutes in hospitals, some doctors have specified them as short-term commutesLong-term medication for constipation and other colonHealth.You can buy it too.the-Prescription drugs for constipation.This effect is usually observed within 30 minutes to 3 hours after administration.However, if taken at a very low concentration, it may take longer to induce defecation.
In addition to the effect of laxity, these tablets are taken as nutritional supplements.This is because the magnesium content in the compound accounts for about 11%, and more importantly, it is easily absorbed in the body.Therefore, it is also a supplement to the lack of magnesium.About 20% of the compounds are absorbed and kept in the body, according to the doctor.
According to health experts, people should avoid frequent use.Otherwise, using it for a long time can lead to various side effects ranging from mild to severe.For those who take magnesium citrate as a nutritional supplement, the same risk applies.
If in any case you do not defecate after intake, please seek medical treatment immediately.In pregnant women, this compound may increase the risk of high moisture retention in the body.To be safer, pregnant women and those who are taking the medicine should seek medical guidance before using magnesium citrate as a convenient agent.

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