strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Citrate Side Effects

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Citrate Side Effects
Magnesium citrate is a rich source of magnesium and plays a key role in our body's metabolic response.However, there may be several side effects of its improper use.Read on and learn more...
Magnesium citrate is a common magnesium salt made of magnesium carbonate and citric acid.It is a chemical with excellent medicinal value.Magnesium content as high as 11%.Therefore, it is often considered a nutritional supplement.The magnesium obtained from these can be easily absorbed by our body, so it is considered an important source of supplement to magnesium.
Magnesium citrate supplements are more or less safe for all age groups, except for children under the age of 9.It can also be taken away by the elderly.According to the USDA Agricultural Research Bureau (USDA), the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for men and women over 31 years of age had magnesium levels of 420 mg and 320 mg, respectively.For children under the age of 19, you should consult your doctor for the appropriate dose of the supplement.Magnesium citrate will not cause any harm to your body as long as the dose is correct.It has some side effects if taken too much.Moreover, people with certain medical conditions should not use them.
Magnesium citrate is often used as a normal saline agent.Before any operation, the patient should be served to discharge the intestines.When taken orally, it has a natural tendency to take a large amount of water out of the tissue into the intestines.Excess water in the large intestine promotes defecation and helps discharge waste from the body faster.Therefore, it is used to treat constipation and other colon or rectal problems.
You must have noticed that the side effects of magnesium citrate may range from mild to severe.Normally it does not lead to any serious lifeThreat conditionsHowever, if you notice any side effects after taking the supplement, then you must stop using it and inform your doctor of the same situation.If you take supplements on an empty stomach and add a lot of liquid, such as water or juice, you can prevent some complications.
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