strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium for Bone Health

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium for Bone Health
Calcium is known to be necessary for strong bones.But recent research has shown that magnesium is equally important for bone health.
In order to be healthy, our body needs certain minerals.One of the important minerals the human body needs is magnesium.Magnesium contributes to important biological processes of ATP molecules.The body needs a certain amount of magnesium for daily maintenance.The benefits of magnesium include relieving back pain, muscle contraction, and better promoting the delivery of oxygen to the muscles.It also helps to treat diabetes, depression and absorb many other minerals.An important health benefit of magnesium is strengthening bones.Yes, like calcium, magnesium also helps maintain good bone health.
The most important fact that supports magnesium as an important nutrient for bone health is-60% of magnesium in the body is present in the bones.This means that magnesium is very important for bone health.An increase in daily magnesium intake helped increase bone density by 2% of participants, a study showed.A significant increase in bone mineral density indicates that magnesium is important for bone health.Another study showed that a group of people were treated to supplement carbon dioxide.At the end of the year, the researchers found a significant increase in bone density in the group population, which made their bones stronger.
There are not many studies on the relationship between magnesium and bone health, but research done so far shows that magnesium plays two different roles in bone health.Magnesium contributes to the growth of bones and gives them a physical structure.Another effect of the observed magnesium is that the magnesium present on the surface of the bone is not used for bone health, but for the reserve of magnesium, which the body uses when magnesium is lacking.
This is a study of magnesium.It shows that magnesium plays an important role in bone health.Let's see how this happened.Magnesium deficiency is closely related to osteoporosis.Osteoporosis is an abnormal loss of bone tissue, resulting in fragile and porous bone.Previously, osteoporosis was thought to be a disease due to lack of magnesium.However, maintaining good bone health and preventing osteoporosis requires calcium and magnesium.The lack of magnesium will lead to a decline in bone health, because its Lack will lead to a larger and brittle bone crystal.This makes it easy for them to fracture.In addition, this causes low calcium levels and impaired hormone function, thus interfering with the role of vitamin D.This will eventually lead to bone loss.Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good bone health magnesium.
You can get magnesium from supplements or natural sources.If you have symptoms of magnesium deficiency, consider adding some.Consult a doctor, which magnesium supplements are suitable for you.However, magnesium from food sources is more easily absorbed by the body.Some natural sources of magnesium-rich foods include pumpkin seeds, spinach, Swiss beets, soybeans, big hali fish, black beans, navy beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.If you are cooking fish or vegetables, make sure to cook it so that its nutritional value is high and you can get a lot of magnesium from it.
It's all about magnesium and bone health.If you feel that you have any bone-related diseases, consult your doctor and ask yourself for a magnesium deficiency test.For better bone health, the doctor will advise you to modify your diet and supplement magnesium.To avoid magnesium toxicity, make sure to follow the recommended daily magnesium dose.
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