strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Oil Uses

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Oil Uses
Local use of magnesium oil may help alleviate muscle pain and body pain that are common in today's busy lifestyle.Massage with magnesium oil can also help to treat chronic diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.Penetrating magnesium administration has a higher absorption rate and is more effective than oral magnesium supplements.
Magnesium Oil is an effective mixture of magnesium chloride and water and has many therapeutic uses.This permeable magnesium supplement provides an alternative route to magnesium, which plays a key role in more than 300 metabolic reactions in our body.Although there is an oral form of magnesium, it is poorly absorbed.In addition, the prepared magnesium oil also contains trace minerals, so it provides more nutrients than the use of magnesium alone.
It was found that the penetration application of magnesium is more effective and faster than the oral form to deliver enough magnesium.In addition, oral magnesium supplement also has its own shortcomings, such as Easy Side Effects (diarrhea ).However, when applying magnesium oil locally, it is absorbed directly through the skin and quickly reaches the blood to ensure better absorption.
Local application of magnesium oil can reduce chronic pain associated with arthritis.Massage in areas affected by joints is one of the easiest ways to relieve severe arthritis pain.This local pain killer can also help ease joint stiffness.Therefore, after a hard day of work, when the whole body is sore, massage with magnesium oil can relieve the painful muscles very effectively.Massage with magnesium oil can also help reduce muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia.
Magnesium Oil also helps to relieve muscle tension and muscle cramps.Massage with magnesium oil can help relieve muscle tension that causes cramps.This is a great way to treat muscle pain associated with exerciseRelated damage
You can add magnesium oil to your skin care program to get its resistanceaging benefits.Using magnesium oil is a natural way to relieve wrinkles.Spraying it in a crumpled area can help tighten your skin, making you look younger and more energetic.
It is well known that magnesium contributes to the absorption of calcium in healthy teeth.No wonder brushing your teeth with magnesium oil is considered an effective way to ensure the best dental health.So before you start your oral care program, adding a small amount of magnesium oil to your toothbrush can help you get healthier teeth.The use of magnesium oil as a brushing agent also helps to eliminate tooth discoloration.
As mentioned earlier, Magnesium plays a key role in increasing calcium assimilation, which is essential for building strong bones.Local application of magnesium oil has a greater assimilation effect than oral supplements, which can not only improve the absorption of calcium, but also help increase bone density and maintain bone strength.Magnesium's skin administration also helps to relieve pain in osteoporosis.
Massage the scalp with magnesium oil can also effectively solve the problem of hair loss.Magnesium imbalance in the body is one of the factors that lead to thinning of hair.The penetration application of rapidly absorbed magnesium may help to correct magnesium deficiency, prevent hair loss and promote healthy, strong hair growth.
Research has shown that magnesium has a huge role in promoting healthy sleep.Even a slight magnesium deficiency will prevent you from getting quality sleep at night.Magnesium promotes sleep by restoring cellular magnesium levels, which also helps improve insomnia.It is no wonder that people who often massage with magnesium oil will sleep better.
Magnesium Oil provided in the form of a spray bottle is the most convenient way to apply this oil.Just spray it on your hand and then massage the discomfort area for immediate relief.
Looking for a relaxing warm bath to relieve stress?Well, like epsom salt, magnesium oil can also be used as a bath additive.So, introduction 6-Soak 8 ounces of magnesium oil in the bathtub for treatment.
Soaking your feet in hot water containing magnesium oil is another way to use it effectively.Add 4 ounces of magnesium oil to the foot bath and you can expect a soothing experience that will help ease fatigue.Pores are scattered on the soles of your feet, allowing you to fully absorb magnesium oil.
While magnesium oil is good for the skin, you should avoid applying it to subtle parts of the body as it can cause irritation and trigger tingling.So when you apply magnesium oil to your body, avoid touching the eye, nipple or genital area.People with sensitive skin recommend diluting it before applying it locally.For safety, it is better to dilute magnesium oil with 50% of water before using magnesium oil for medical purposes.
One thing to note here is that the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of magnesium oil.So, consult your healthcare provider to discuss whether the use of magnesium oil is appropriate for your health.
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