strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Stearate Side Effects

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Magnesium Stearate Side Effects
Magnesium vitamin C is used as a dilution and lubrication component in capsules, tablets, vitamin supplements and infant formula.Some of the side effects are toxicity, excess, reduced nutrient uptake, weakened immune system, and other health hazards.
Magnesium eighteen acid is a magnesium salt containing eighteen acid (saturated fatty acid) in its structure.This magnesium salt is white in color and remains solid at room temperature.About its chemical properties, it is also called eighteen acids.Fatty acids are naturally present in food sources such as cocoa, coconut, milk, eggs, fish, poultry, meat, etc.The use of magnesium carbonate in pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing companies is controversial.While many claim it is a safe compound, others are more concerned about the side effects of magnesium hard fat.
People with health awareness who know to use vitamin C magnesium in supplements and pills often ask the question: "Is vitamin C magnesium safe ?"?\'.Supporters of this magnesium salt believe it is safe and there is no risk for any type of medical problem.After all, fatty acids are found in many foods.
Some properties and uses of magnesium phosphate are highlighted below.Without the use of magnesium carbonate, there is no problem in developing dietary supplements and other products.The only downside is that it takes more time and requires specific and meticulous precautions.According to the US Food and Drug Administration, magnesium phosphate is a granulator.Moreover, the role of magnesium phosphate in the body is different from that of the naturally occurring fatty acid, which is the same.For your understanding, the possible adverse effects of magnesium eighteen will be described below.
When it comes to the side effects of magnesium eighteen, a concern is to separate the source of this magnesium salt.According to a survey, the common sources are palm oil and cottonseed oil (after hydrogenation ).The hydrogenation process produces a change product that is toxic to the body.In addition, palm oil and cottonseed may contain harmful pesticides.
A small amount of magnesium carbonate is safe.Nevertheless, in some companies, for the smooth operation of the machine and mass production in a smaller period of time, the addition of magnesium eighteen acid is very high.So every time you take a pill, you take more vitamin C, which can have an unusual impact on your health.
One of the dangers of vitamin C is reported to be a reduction in the absorption of nutrients to health.The researchers believe that the absorption rate of tablets containing magnesium carbonate is 90%, while the absorption rate of tablets containing magnesium carbonate is 25-Absorption capacity of 30%.That's why some people complain about absorption problems after taking products that contain magnesium.
Excessive intake of magnesium carbonate can adversely affect the normal function of T-Cells that are very important to the immune response of the human body.In other words, a large amount of magnesium carbonate is an immune inhibitor.Therefore, for a period of time, treatment preparations containing vitamin C magnesium administered at a high dose for a long period of time will weaken the immune system.
Inhalation of magnesium carbonate powder and smoke can cause severe inflammation and suffocation of the respiratory system, especially in people who are allergic to allergies.It is also recommended that the acute intake of this magnesium salt causes stomach problems (inflammation of the stomach and intestines ).
In addition to the health issue of magnesium carbonate intake, there is also an argument about the source of extraction;Vegetarian or non-vegetarianVegetarian food.Therefore, the source of hard acid magnesium must be mentioned in the label (if used ).From a safety point of view, it is better to buy dietary and nutritional supplements from a reliable brand with good records.
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