strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Who Discovered Magnesium?

strontium function as a cosmeceutical ingredient Who Discovered Magnesium?
Magnesium is silver.White alkaline metal cannot be found in its uncombined form.It is always combined with another element and needs to be isolated for further use.
Magnesium is a hard silver.White alkaline earth metals account for about 2% of the Earth's crust mass.It is also the eighth most abundant element found inside the Earth.However, magnesium cannot exist naturally in free form, but can be found in large deposits of magnesium, Baiyun, minerals and even mineral water.Compared to the rest of the Earth, the rocks in the crust contain the most magnesium.
Nowadays, most magnesium content is obtained from sea water, but it can also be extracted from minerals such as White Clouds (cac3.Magnesium) and halogen stones (potassium.MgCl2.6H2O).It also exists in the human body and is the most abundant element in our body.Nuts, spinach, seeds and some whole grains are also good sources of magnesium.It is also a metal that is widely used in the manufacture of firecrackers, alloys, bombs, flash photography, etc.
Three people have made major breakthroughs in the field of magnesium discovery.Let's take a look at their personal contributions!
: In 1755, Joseph Black of Scotland conducted a number of quantitative experiments and found that a mild alkali, magnesium alba (magnesium carbonate), had lost weight when heating.He found that magnesium sand is a compound of magnesium and came to the conclusion that magnesium sand is different from calcium carbonate.So the first to recognize magnesium as an element is Joseph Black.
: The first separation of magnesium was done in 1808 by Sir Humpry Davy, a British chemist who separated the element from magnesium oxide and mercury oxide.Davy uses electrolysis technology on the mixture of Mercury, magnesium, and then heats the mercury alloy in the glass tube to treat mercury and obtain magnesium.
On 1831, Antoine A, A French.B Bussy successfully separated a large amount of magnesium.Bussy came up with a clever way to heat magnesium chloride and potassium in a glass tube.The precipitated potassium chloride is washed away, resulting in the separation of a large amount of magnesium.
Although Mr. Humpry Davy's first suggestion for the name was magnium, the name magnesium has been used until today.This element is named after a region of Sally, called "magnesium sand ".This is where the element was first discovered.
Magnesium in the form of a ribbon or powder burned with bright white light, therefore, it is used for fireworks, photographic flash, flare, etc.This metal burns at a relatively low temperature, so its use as a structural material is limited, though, it is a light metal, which is why it is easily usedRolling and welding becomes easier when working with aluminum alloy.The magnesium-Good aluminum alloy-Known for its strength and light weight properties, it plays an important role in the airline, rocket and missile industries.In terms of the body, Magnesium plays a role in calming muscles and nerves, and also in producing proteins.
So if it weren't for the three pioneers who made so much effort in discovering magnesium, we would forget the miracle of magnesium.
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