style q&a: montreal-based brand offers natural products for men - organic men's skin care products

style q&a: montreal-based brand offers natural products for men  -  organic men\'s skin care products
Grooming for men is becoming a big business.
From beard care to body wash, there is only one or two men's self-choice
The routine of care is long gone.
In addition, local Canadian brands have also joined the male product campaign and are welcome.
Co-founder and co-founder Andre barbalo
President of Montreal-
Headquartered in the company Wise Men's Care, chat with post-media news about what makes Wise different, why it suits Canadian Men, and which product has proven to be the most popular.
The care of smart people is very high.
Quality, nature and ecology
Friendly men's personal care product line made in Canada.
The seeds of wise are planted in the barber's chair.
One of our founders, the Barber himself, has also noticed that he and many of his clients are looking for beauty products that are more in line with their lifestyle and beliefs.
He got together with a few of them and began to get smart!
While our priority will always be the quality and functionality of our natural products, we seek further impetus to help shift the personal care market towards a more conscious and sustainable approach.
Therefore, we are the first person in male care to offer a product in a dual packaging system.
This line is provided in a smooth way.
Reusable glass containers have been designed, recyclable fillers can be supplemented with glass jars, or can be used separately for daily beauty needs.
The idea is simple: reduce the unsustainable materials currently used for personal care, especially plastic.
Our recyclable refill bags are actually 80 cents less plastic than most shampoo bottles on the market!
We also want to reduce waste by encouraging people to take care of and reuse their glass containers to change people's relationships with their personal care products.
Each of our products is designed and produced proudly in Montreal.
The selected plant and Canadian star ingredients lay the foundation for the theme and use of the product.
These ingredients are not only good for you, but also help to tell the balance between our urban lifestyle and the great natural heritage we share.
We use glacial marine clay from northern BC, red maple extract from northern Quebec forest, and kelp harvested on the coast of marine times, to name just a few.
We think there is a large part of the wisdom of modern Canadians.
Or a woman-
It is a good balance between city life and outdoor life, looks good while taking care of health, uses great products, but still pays attention to the environment.
We just launched in last August!
People see the depth and spirit of the brand, the quality of our products, and our passion for the beauty world, and they automatically think that wisdom has existed for many years.
Although we like to be modest and know very well that we still have a lot to learn, it is naturally very flattering.
We have a very unique system because each product has two price points for two packaging options.
For example, a reusable glass can of glacier clay Pomade is $32, and recycled cardboard refill is only $24.
We want to use glass as an item that collectors want to process and reuse while maintaining the accessibility of the product by refilling.
We offer online services through our website and some other e-commerce stores (such as demand supply, custom post and Masc) as well as over 80 locations in North America
Clothing boutiques, barbershops, hair salons and natural product stores are available.
Our birch bark shampoo is definitely a head Care Product
No pun intended.
With the help of natural spices, we made a unique blend of essential oils that created a very unique and uplifting cleaning experience.
I think people also appreciate it being gentle enough for everyday use, but still very effective to clean our dirt and impurities without stripping off the scalp's natural grease.
Part of the reason is that it does not contain sodium laurate and other irritating chemicals, giving ita a velvet foam, it is a real pleasure to wash your hair with it, rather than the over-blistering thing we are used.
Not for the time being, but who knows what the future will be.
At the same time, however, the woman's reaction to shampoo has made us joke the same way for months: For years, men have been stealing girlfriends shampoo and now the table has turned over.
We launched our first skincare product this spring.
We plan to have a full line of skin and body care for Christmas or early 2019 and thus become --
All personal care needs stop shopping.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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