style q & amp;a: the primp club aims to up men's grooming game - organic men's skin care products

style q & amp;a: the primp club aims to up men\'s grooming game  -  organic men\'s skin care products
Chris Hasek-
Watt's mission is to improve people's grooming. How, exactly?
Work with club Primp. TheVancouver-
The entrepreneur-based brand of skin care and hair care provides men with quality products that are simple and male-packaged, with an average price of about $10 per product. Hasek-
Watt took a break while promoting his product. and making —
Talk to Postmedia news about the brand, his mission and why good grooming changes the rules of the game. Q.
Why did you launch the Primp club first? A.
Because in terms of grooming and personal, men get a short stick --care products.
High quality products are usually expensive, female
Focus, along with the uncomfortable shopping experience.
As men attach more importance to their appearance, they are looking for a solution that is more suitable for their needs. Q.
What do you sell? A.
The mission of the club Primp is to "own" this guy's bathroom.
So we are developing our product line to provide men with the beauty products they need.
At the moment, we have 13 products, from shampoo to body wash, to oyster sauce to hair oil. Q.
What has changed in the company since you first started? A.
We launched our subscription business for the first time in December 2016.
We offer three products: moisturizer, facial cleanser and eye cream.
In the first six months, we followed every customer seeking feedback.
Through these conversations, we decided to abandon the subscription model because our customers said they would rather take 5 minutes out of their daily lives to order the required products.
Another major topic besides subscription is convenience.
Men want to get everything they need in one place, preferably online.
So we are now offering a range of products and are planning to expand further. Q.
Who are your target customers? A.
The most common interest of our customers is that they understand the benefits of taking care of themselves correctly.
Most of our customers are male (aged)
Live a healthy life between 25 and 34 years old and usually want to graduate from a lower school
Brand of quality pharmacy. Q.
What's the difference between your product and other men's skin care products? A.
Primp Club provides a fully improved experience with products, technology and content.
Most of our products use only advanced organic recipes, while others are natural.
Our smell, texture, and efficacy are developed specifically for men's preferences. Q.
You recently announced that JJ Wilson will join your Advisory Board.
What's going on with this, what will he do on that character? A.
JJ Wilson will join our advisory board and explore a more active role with the company.
JJ brings a huge depth of retail experience through the joint, of course, to participate in the wing angle of lulululemon
Founding Kit and Ace.
JJ will be primarily involved in brand development and growth strategies.
When I approached change Cycle and carried the Primp product in their locker room, we came into contact with the brand for the first time.
We were lucky and excited that he would join us. Q.
What is the price of your products? A.
Our products range from $7 to $13.
50, the average price fell to $9. 85.
Free shipping is available for all orders over $30.
We have a 30-
The satisfaction of the day is guaranteed. Q.
Your products are certified organic and many of them are made in North America.
Why is this important to you? A.
We have two great suppliers in big Vancouver.
The quality of our products is fundamentally the most important part of the business.
In developing recipes, we believe that working with local manufacturers will provide the best opportunity for success.
Besides, I am from Vancouver. I like Vancouver.
It is important for me to contribute to the economy and support local businesses. Q.
What are your ambitions for the club Primp?
Where can we expect it to go from here? A.
We are forming a very strong competitive team to lead us to the future.
Through leadership, expertise and creativity, our goal is to "have" the bathroom of this guy.
We plan to become a household name in North America within 5 years.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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