Suffering from acne, eczema, warts or skin ulcers Try colloidal silver - fullerene skin care produ

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Suffering from acne, eczema, warts or skin ulcers? Try colloidal silver! - fullerene skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-02
Suffering from acne, eczema, warts or skin ulcers? Try colloidal silver!  -  fullerene skin care products
Colloidal silver is a tiny particle of silver, usually at 2-
10 nanometers (commonly called nanometers)
Silver), suspended in a liquid or colloidal substrate.
Colloidal silver is commonly used as a drug in Europe and the United States.
In his 40 s last century
Once antibiotics have been invented and promoted as a panacea, interest in colloidal silver has dropped significantly.
However, colloidal silver has regained public interest in recent years.
This is because some scientists, doctors and patients claim that colloidal silver can fight serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, or Lyme disease.
At present, scientific evidence on these issues is scattered and a large number of clinical studies will be carried out before we get a more comprehensive picture.
This paper focuses on the scientifically proven ability of colloidal silver to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses and its application in the treatment of common skin diseases such as acne, eczema, condyloma acuminatum and inflammation.
How does colloidal silver help with acne and other skin problems?
How does colloidal silver help fight acne?
It can destroy the bacteria that cause it.
Acne occurs when excess oil is produced in the skin's oil glands, due to increased male and female hormone activity.
Along with this process, the peeling of the skin lining in the hair follicles increases.
Blocked by peeling skin and sebum. (P.
Acnes) usually lives on the surface of the skin.
They grow on a mixture of oil and cells in hair.
Bacteria produce chemicals and stimulate inflammation, resulting in various forms of acne lesions: pimples, etc.
Usually, other bacteria invade acne lesions, resulting in more serious secondary infections.
Colloidal silver destroys P.
Acnes, and many other pathogens that live on the surface of the skin.
It also eliminates the excess sebum that blocks pores and makes P. acne to grow.
Colloidal silver is also effective in other common skin diseases.
The skin prevents the infection from happening again. occurring.
According to the doctorJames F.
It has been shown that Balch, colloidal silver can kill 650 pathogens, including bacteria, fungi and even viruses.
Below, you can see the tests performed to illustrate the antibacterial properties of colloidal silver.
Is it safe for colloidal silver? Yes it is.
To prevent bacterial, fungal and viral infections, colloidal silver is even applied to open wounds and skin burns.
Silver Nano-
Particles kill bacteria while keeping the surrounding tissue from harm.
This is why there is no unpleasant tingling sensation when the colloidal silver solution is applied to the pain.
Colloidal silver is the silver used in skin treatment in mainstream medicine.
In the UK, for example, silver-
The National Health Service recommends and widely uses basic dressings to treat infections in burns, chronic wounds (such as leg ulcers), and surgical wounds.
Treatment is safe-
Recorded in scientific literature
If you're pregnant, breast.
Feeding or suffering from any chronic disease, please consult a doctor for treatment.
Colloidal silver skin care products-what are there?
This is a mixture of water and colloidal silver nanoparticles.
This mixture can be used as any other skin tonic, simply drop a few drops of solution on the makeup pad, wipe the skin and avoid the eye area.
When the solution is applied twice a day, the best result is: in the morning and at the end.
The colloidal silver tonic effectively cleans the skin surface of bacteria, fungi and other impurities.
It also removes excess sebum and makes the skin look matte.
Remember not to expose the skin directly to the sun after applying colloidal silver.
People with acne are advised to use a colloidal silver solution four times a day, rinse the face for the first time, and apply the solution to the most affected area after each rinse.
It is also recommended to use a piece of cotton or paper towel for skin massage.
The treatment described can be used as a preventive measure to prevent acne attacks.
Many people find it feasible to carry a small bottle (50 or 100 ml) of colloidal silver solution with them to school, university or work so that they can continue in their daily life throughout the day.
If you have a rash or eczema, you can apply a few drops of gum body silver water on the affected skin several times a day.
You can also wrap the area with a solution moist dressing.
Change the bandage more often every day.
The same treatment can be applied to warts or ring worms to make them disappear.
Once you stick to your routine, you should see the effect soon.
Colloidal silver water is sold in bottles of various sizes (quantities) and colloidal silver concentrations, usually from 10PPM (a few parts per million) to 50 PPM (a higher PPM value, a higher concentration of colloidal silver nanoparticlesparticles).
Always buy your colloidal silver from trusted sources.
Remember to put the bottle in the shade.
Cosmetics containing colloidal silver can also be combined with ointment, serum, spray, cream or gel, soap and natural clay as facial masks.
Some colloidal silver-
Acne-based treatments are even patented as they are considered so effective and unique!
Although it is very effective for bacteria and fungi
Killer silver, colloidal silver, should not be considered as a magical solution to all skin problems.
The fight against acne, dermatitis, psoriasis or other skin diseases should be well supported
A balanced diet (which is extremely important to avoid fat and sugar) and a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise to improve the blood circulation of the skin and enhance the immune system.
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