sugar dangers - free article courtesy of articlecitycom - best skin care products during pregnancy

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sugar dangers - free article courtesy of - best skin care products during pregnancy

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-03
sugar dangers - free article courtesy of  -  best skin care products during pregnancy
Suppress the immune system. 2.
Destroy the mineral relationship in the body. 3.
Causes ADHD in children, anxiety, difficulty in concentration and irritability. 4.
Three acid gan grease increased significantly. 5.
Helps reduce defense against bacterial infections (infectious diseases. 6.
It can lead to loss of tissue elasticity and function, and the more sugar you eat, the more loose your elasticity and function will be. 7.
Reduce high density cholesterol. 8.
Lead to Chromium deficiency.
9 causes ovarian cancer. 10.
Increase fasting blood sugar levels. 11.
There are not enough Causecopper. 12.
Interfere with the absorption of calcium and magnesium. 13.
Vision weakened. 14.
Increase the level of the neurotransferin: dopamine, 5-amine, and adrenaline. 15.
Causing hypoglycemia16.
An acidic digestive tract. 17.
Lead to a rapid rise in adrenaline levels in children. 18.
Patients with functional intestinal diseases often suffer from poor absorption. 19.
Lead to premature aging20.
Lead to alcohol abuse. 21.
Leading to tooth decay. 22. 23.
Increase the risk of clone disease and UC. 24.
Causes frequent changes in patients with gastric or twelfth ulcer. 25.
Cause arthritis26. cause asthma. 27.
Greatly contribute to uncontrolled growth of white rosary beads (yeast infection. 28.
Lead to stones29.
Cause Heart Disease30.
Leading to blindness. 31.
Causes multiple hardening32.
Causing hemorrhoids33.
Cause varicose veins34.
The glucose and insulin responses of oral contraceptive users increased. 35.
Causes periodontal disease. 36.
Lead to osteoporosis37.
Lead to acid saliva. 38.
Leads to a decrease in insulin sensitivity. 39.
Reduce vitamin E (α-
Fertility phenol in the blood. 40.
Reduced growth hormone41.
Increase cholesterol42.
Increased systolic blood pressure. 43.
Resulting in decreased drowsiness and activity of children. 44.
Increase the end product (age) (sugar binding non-45.
Interfere with the absorption of proteins. 46.
Causing food allergies47.
Contribute to diabetes48.
Poisoning can occur during pregnancy. 49.
Causes eczema in children. 50.
Cause cardiovascular disease51. 52.
Change the structure of the protein. 53.
Aging our skin by changing the structure of collagen. 54.
Causing cataract55.
Cause swelling56.
Causing artery disease57.
Promote the increase of low density cholesterol. 58.
Damage the physiological steady state of many systems of the body. 59.
Reduce the function of the enzyme. 60.
People with Parkinson's disease have high sugar intake. 61.
Causes the way the protein works in the body to change permanently. 62.
Increase the size of the liver by dividing the liver. 63.
Increase the amount of liver fat. 64.
Increase the size of the kidney and produce pathological changes in the kidney. 65.
Damage the pancreas. 66.
Increase the liquid retention of the body. 67.
Sugar is the enemy of defecation. 68.
Lead to myopia. 69.
Damage the lining of the capillaries. 70.
Make the tendon more brittle. 71.
Causes headaches, including migraine. 72.
Plays a role in female pancreatic cancer. 73.
Adversely affect the performance of school children and lead to learning disabilities. . . 74.
Resulting in increased brain waves of Delta, Alpha and theta. 75.
Lead to Depression76.
Increase the risk of stomach cancer. 77.
Causing indigestion (indigestion ). 78.
Increased risk of gout79.
In the oral glucose tolerance test, glucose levels were increased compared to intake of compound carbohydrates. 80.
Increased human response to high insulin intake
The diet of sugar is compared with that of sugar. 81.
Reduce learning ability. 82.
The function that causes the two blood proteins-the Qing protein and the LP-is not so effective, which may reduce the body's ability to deal with fat and cholesterol. 83.
Causes Alzheimer's disease. 84.
Causing platelet adhesion85.
Lead to hormone imbalance;
Some hormones become inactive and others become overactive. 86.
Causes the formation of kidney stones. 87.
The lower part of the visual Hill is highly sensitive to various stimuli. 88.
Causing dizziness. 89.
Causes free radicals and oxidative stress. 90.
High sucrose diet in patients with peripheral vascular diseases significantly increases platelet adhesion. 91.
Causes cancer of the bile duct. 92. feed cancer. 93.
High sugar consumption and delivery risk in pregnant adolescents doubledfor-gestational-
Age (SGA) baby. 94.
Resulting in a significant reduction in teenage pregnancy time. 95.
Slow down the travel time of food through the stomach. 96.
Increase the concentration of bile acid in feces and bacterial enzymes in the colon.
This can change the cancer caused by bile.
Causes compounds and colon cancer. 97.
Increase estrogen in men (the most effective form of natural estrogen ). 98.
Enzyme, an enzyme that makes the digestion process more difficult, binds and destroys it. 99.
It is a risk factor for gallbladder cancer. 100.
It is an addictive substance. 101.
Similar to alcohol, intoxicating. 102. exacerbate PMS. 103.
When giving premature babies, it affects the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. 104.
The reduction in sugar intake can increase the stability of emotions. 105.
The body converts sugar into 2 to 5 times more fat than starch in the blood. 106.
Rapid absorption of sugar promotes excessive food intake in obese subjects. 107.
Aggravate the symptoms of children with attention deficit ADHD (ADHD. 108.
Adverse effects on urinary electrolyte composition. 109.
The ability to reduce thyroid function. 110.
Abnormal metabolic processes are induced in normal healthy individuals and chronic degenerative diseases are promoted. 111. I.
Intravenous feeding can cut off oxygen in the brain. 112.
High sucrose intake may be an important risk factor for lung cancer. 113.
Increase the risk of polio114.
Causing seizures. 115.
High blood pressure in obese people116.
Limiting sugar can save lives in intensive care units. 117.
Induced cell death118.
Increase the amount of food you eat. 119.
In the youth rehabilitation camp, anti-social behavior dropped by 44% when children received a low-sugar diet. 120.
It causes cancer. 121.
Dehydration of newborn122.
Increase estrogen in young men. 123.
Babies with low birth weight124. 125.
Improve the high level of the same type in the blood. 126.
Increase the risk of breast cancer. 127.
Sugar is a risk factor for small bowel cancer. 128.
Causes throat cancer. 129.
Salt and moisture retention are induced. 130.
Resulting in a slight loss of memory. 131.
With the increase in sugar in the diet of 10-year-old children, the intake of many essential nutrients decreased linearly. 132.
Increase the total consumption of food. 133.
Having a newborn exposed to sugar can lead to an increase in the preference for sucrose relative to water at the age of 6 and 2. 134.
Causing constipation135.
Cause varicose veins136.
Leading to brain atrophy in pre-diabetes and diabetic women. 137.
Increase the risk of stomach cancer. 138.
Causing metabolic syndrome139.
Sugar intake by pregnant women increases neural tube defects in embryos. 140.
Is a factor in asthma. 141.
The higher the sugar consumption, the greater the chance of developing irritable bowel syndrome. 142.
Affect the central reward system. 143.
Causes rectal cancer. 144.
Causing endometrial cancer145.
Causes renal (renal) cell carcinoma. 146.
Causing liver tumors
With all of this, what should we do to improve our health?
Sugar is everywhere, but we need to read all the labels and try our best to eat as little sugar as possible.
Don't turn to chemical sweeteners because they are toxic and it can cause you to gain weight if it's Aspen sweet.
A few years ago, I learned that carbohydrates for grains and sugar (which are actually white food) are not healthy and that we can become obese from these products (we also have to add corn to them, because it's a grain, not a vegetable ).
There are several reasons why grains are unhealthy.
The first and worst is processed food.
Industrial food manufacturers remove all nutrients from grains, strengthen with chemical vitamins (which our body cannot use), and then bake or squeeze out food.
They also added sugar, corn syrup and other chemicals.
Extrusion is probably the worst because high pressure and high temperature destroy everything including artificial vitamins and minerals (this is called reinforcement ).
That's why children shouldn't eat cold cereal. There is no nutrition in the grain. In order to attract our children to eat this junk food, a lot of sugar has been added.
Bread is bad for the same reason that sugar, fortified vitamins and non-absorbent minerals are put into the mixture.
Bad white bread is not new news, but people think whole wheat bread is OK, so it is misleading.
We have to read the label.
Whole wheat bread is just a few chemicals that affect color and taste.
If you choose to eat organic whole wheat non-chemical bread, you still have to consider a few things.
Whole-wheat organic foods containing syrup (this sugar is less, unlike concentrated sugar and real trace minerals) are healthier, but the grains are still broken down into sugar.
In this article, we have no room to discuss phosphate herbicides and pesticides, but keep in mind that there will be these toxic chemicals unless you eat organic.
As you read the rest of this article, remember that Dr. Otto Warberg's work found that cancer likes sugar, and that there is more than just an accidental relationship between the two entities.
Also look at Dr. appleton's 146 reasons for unhealthy sugar.
Please also note that pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies and our government do not want you to know what we are discussing.
There will never be a cure for cancer and heart disease. In fact, there is no cure until you die.
Our economy is based on the fact that no one has taken medicine.
If we announce today a magical way to treat cancer and heart disease, our economy will be in recession in a few days.
Social security is in trouble, but if everyone lives for 5 to 10 years or more, SS will be in worse shape than the prospect of a baby boomers retiring.
We can be healthier and less obese. Read my e-
Healthy diet, lose weight, remember that sugar is not good for you and me.
Every doctor learned about Otto Warberg's findings in medical school;
Because as early as his thirties, Otto discovered the main biochemical cause of cancer, or the difference between cancer cells and normal healthy cells.
The discovery was so big that Otto Warberg won the Nobel Prize.
There is only one major cause of cancer.
It is normal oxygen breathing of body cells that is anaerobic [I. e. , oxygen-
Insufficient cellular respiration. -Dr. www.
Drbobthehealthbuilder. www.
Wealth is healthy.
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