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Sun Protection Products for Asian Skin - japanese skin care products for sensitive skin

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Sun Protection Products for Asian Skin  -  japanese skin care products for sensitive skin
Not all products are equal when choosing sun screen products.
Just as everyone has different skin types, Asian skin is also different in structure and physiology.
While most Asian skin is not easy to burn in the sun, it is still vulnerable to sun damage, premature wrinkles and skin cancer.
Asian skin is more sensitive, it is easier to get greasy, and there may be super-sensitive problemspigmentation.
Therefore, when choosing sunscreen products, it is recommended that you choose products specifically for Asian skin.
What is the difference between Asian skin?
Exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
That means it's a built in
The SPF layer helps prevent sun burns.
However, it does not completely prevent skin cancer, discoloration of the skin and age spots.
The color of the Asian skin is usually slightly yellow due to the presence of extra melanin, but the tone may go from light beige to very fair.
Asian skin is more prone to pigmentation, in which case black spots and discoloration may be more pronounced.
If your skin is sunburned, it will be more visible!
This is also known as "liver spots ".
"In order to protect your skin from uneven color, it is important to continue using sunscreen.
The use of sunscreen with a sunscreen factor of at least 30 (SPF) will help prevent the formation of new black spots.
The skin of Asia is often slightly oilier than other types of skin due to more oil glands.
Some Japanese companies should keep in mind the requirements for texture and control oil production when producing sunscreen.
Asian skin can be very smooth in appearance as pores tend to be very small and fewer follicles.
More collagen than Caucasian skin.
Because it is stronger than the normal bone structure and has a greater elasticity, it is more resistant to aging.
That's why Asian women look much younger than their actual age!
Asian skin is one of the most sensitive.
It is very sensitive to chemicals and aromas.
Now that we have found the difference between Asian skin and other types of skin, let's discuss the ideal sunscreen product.
When using sunscreen, do not use the same sunscreen on the face and body.
The skin on your face is different from the skin texture on your arms and legs. An \"all-
Sunscreen may stimulate the skin on your face.
Also, you don't have to buy sunscreen produced by an Asian company in order to get the same benefits.
While some of us may prefer these types of products, such as those made in Japan, there are also products made in many other countries.
For the face, it is ideal to use a built-in moisturizerin sunscreen.
You should use a richer, deeper cream.
Prevent harmful freedom and pollution.
Brands like Essutais are expensive, but they act as 3 features in the bottle and they work very well.
For example, Essutais is a bottle of sunscreen, primer and moisturizer.
If you plan to spend more time in the sun, you can even use a mist spray sunscreen on your moisturizer.
For more economical oil
Free sunscreen, there is a line for Neutrogena and works well for those who need extra coverage.
Sunburn will not only black Asian skin, but also cause flaws and scars. .
This combination will help enhance the immune system of the skin and can reduce the presence of existing flaws.
This is another important ingredient because they help dilute brown spots by changing the speed at which skin cells gather, making the skin look younger and clearer.
There are several Japanese and Korean manufacturers that produce premium sunscreen for Asian skin.
Most of them are zinc based, so the consistency is a bit thick.
This is a great sun screen for a body that only contains natural ingredients, and olive oil and poached oil are the base.
Zinc oxide provides protection against ultraviolet rays when the Beeswax produces waterResistant layer.
Due to the humid weather in Asia, the Sunshine screen in Asia also contains silica gel.
Unfortunately, it will clog your pores.
So, make sure you have a beauty solution that includes a weekly exfoliating.
Because of the zinc content in these sunscreens, it can be tricky to wash them off.
I usually wash it off with clean oil.
If your skin is darker, these sunscreen may make you look a little white when you apply it to your face for the first time.
Don't worry, because after about half an hour, the White will disappear after the cream is absorbed in the skin.
One trick I use is to mix in a small drop of liquid bronze.
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