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taking care of acne-prone skin by low jeremy - is there a facial mask that removes blackheads

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-14
taking care of acne-prone skin by low jeremy  -  is there a facial mask that removes blackheads
Although acne is largely associated with adolescents and adolescence, this is not limited to this age group.
In fact, in some cases, as teenagers, people do not suffer from acne because of acne in their 20 s.
Acne is characterized by a large number of outbreaks and pimples.
Although it often appears on the face and back, it can develop in different areas of the body.
Acne usually begins with excessive activity of the pili.
Produce glands.
When these oils are combined with bacteria, dead skin cells and hormones, they are trapped in pores and cause swelling.
Usually, the lump develops into a white head or a black head, or even a fresh, pure red lump.
Acne can also cause scars if not treated early.
Some acne extends so deep within the skin that it forms nodules and cysts, leaving scars that may not disappear even after healing.
Although there is no evidence yet that acne can be exacerbated by emotional stress, fatigue, moisture and even cosmetics.
This is why it is strictly forbidden to use chemicals on the face when there is acne, as these products only stimulate the skin.
In fact, there are some drugs that can be used to treat acne, but before applying them to your face, you need to consult a doctor first to find out what is appropriate for your condition and skin type.
Here are some tips on how to care for skin that is prone to acne. 1.
The earlier the drug treatment, the better the prognosis.
There are some drugs that can help control the processes that cause acne problems, such as excessive
The activity of the gland, the imbalance of hormones, and even the pressure. 2.
Don't squeeze your pimples.
This will only spread the infection and cause swelling of the affected area.
Squeezing pimples can also lead to permanent scars.
So be very careful when adjusting the red pimples on your face. 3.
Remember that acne-
The skin that is prone to appear is already oily enough.
If you use oily cosmetics, it will only increase the accumulation of oil.
If you have to wear cosmetics
Get up, find those with water. based.
This will not be so harsh on the skin.
Also, remember to always delete your make-up at night.
This is for leaving make-
Climbing your skin while sleeping will further stimulate your skin.
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