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Talismans and Amulets - Good and Bad Luck Symbols - four seasons skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
Talismans and Amulets - Good and Bad Luck Symbols  -  four seasons skin care products
The difference between the amulet and the amulet. . .
All the great ancient civilizations, especially the ancient Egyptian civilization, were wearing amulets and amulets, from which so many symbols appeared.
Centuries of magical faith and experience have supported the belief that the luck of these legends
Someone who brings good luck or avoids misfortune.
Many forms of amulets, such as The Anke cross, the scarabs, and the Nazis, can be traced back to a great ancient age, as is the belief in the power of the crystal vibration.
Although the two words are often considered the same thing.
The amulet is thought to have some mysterious power to attract some of the benefits of its owners.
The amulet can withstand danger, negative energy and misfortune.
Sometimes a powerful amulet is thought to attract both good luck and defeat evil.
The amulet has always been used to protect, especially the terrible power to prevent evil eyes.
Crystals and gems are used as amulets and amulets.
Given their natural beauty, rarity and value, the crystals and gems of ancient culture are considered to have the intrinsic virtues of radiating energy to the master or wearer.
This belief is implicit in the custom of the members of the monarchy who own and wear the jewels on the crown and the crystals in the Royal Badge, as well as the bishops and other church dignitaries who wear the rings.
Many of the historical heir, especially in the Celtic area of the British Isles, have water crystals and gems.
In addition to the gems and their merits, there is still time.
The honor amulet and amulet are made up of something of some form or design and are considered "magic ".
The Nazi is an ancient symbol whose origin date is unknown.
Unfortunately, because of the symbolic Nazi adoption by the followers of Adolfo Hitler, the Nazi image has been tarnished and cannot be repaired.
The Nazis are one of the oldest symbols in the world.
The American Indians know this and they think it is a sacred and magical sign.
It also appears in the remains of prehistoric Mexico.
Among the ancient ruins around the world, the Nazi emblem appeared in various forms.
It can be found on the throne of the senior Tibetan lama, or on the very old church bells in belfridges, England.
The ancient Chinese people, like the people of Troy, admire the Nazi party emblem.
The name comes from Sankrit, the sacred language of India, meaning happiness, um --
Good luck to you.
Some interesting forms of the Nazis are those that appear on the mysterious stone monument in front of them.
Scotland with a long history
The ancient Norwegian traditional soullo runes used Nazi symbols to represent a positive symbol in the old runes, depicting the "whole" and the "Good God of Wealth ".
One of the most famous amulets in the ancient East is Genghis Khan's signet ring. This is a big gold ring with gorgeous rubies engraved with the Nazi logo
In the Mongolian Buddhist Lama, it is preserved with great care and secrecy because its possession is considered to give great power and protection.
The Great 19 th
The century mystic Lady blawatsky basically equals the Nazis.
A much older symbol than Christianity.
The vertical line represents the influence of men, and the horizontal line represents the influence of women.
From the combination of positive and negative male and female pairs, all the performances appeared.
The lines are then added to the cross, indicating the movement of the wheel of life or the law of circulation.
Therefore, the four arms of the Nazis symbolize birth, life, death and immortality.
There are four winds, four seasons, four elements, which are summed up in the Nazis.
Over the years, there has been a lot of debate about the way the arm of the Nazi emblem should point to the right or left.
Some people say the right is the most beneficial, the luckiest, and some say the left.
Both forms exist in ancient art and are considered equally sacred.
The Nazis with their arms pointing to the left are part of the logos of the intellectual society.
The Ankh cross is a symbol of ancient Egyptian life and immortality.
The gods and goddesses of Egypt are usually depicted holding the sign in their hands, often catching it with a ring like a key;
So it is sometimes called the key to life --
Ankh appears in hieroglyphics as a symbol of "life.
Some authorities believe that the shape of ankh symbolizes the combination of men and women and represents the creativity of life.
The circular part of Ankh, whose oval shape indicates the opening of the vagina, while T-
The shape part is a simplified figure of the penis and testicles.
There are many ancient amulets made very openly in the shape of human reproductive organs.
They are symbols of life, and therefore of luck.
The Scarab is another amulet of ancient Egypt.
The Scarab represents God.
Because of the habits of this insect, he is depicted as a beetle, which the Egyptians consider sacred.
The beetle has beautiful rainbow wings.
Boxes that reflect light like jewelry.
When the sun goes down, they fly around at dusk, and most importantly, the scarabs produce eggs in the feces of animals and roll into bigger balls than themselves.
The Egyptians saw small insects pushing the ball with their hind legs, and they compared it to the mysterious forces that pushed the sun through the sky.
The Scarab became a powerful symbol of resurrection and eternal life and was buried by Egyptian mummies.
The Scarab is a popular life amulet, probably by half
Gems (such as carnelian) or stones or pottery, blue or green glazed.
Like many Egyptian amulets, it often has a hole in it so that it can be hung around its neck or set on a ring.
Both today and in the past centuries, the traditional amulet is a popular amulet throughout Muslim countries.
These amulets are usually made of gold or silver.
Gold-plated shredded flowers with gemstones and gemstones.
Out of respect for Mohammed's daughter, Fatima, the amulet is called "The Hand of Fatima", although the hand as a amulet is more than the day when Muhammad founded Islam.
It stems from raising hands to defend against the natural posture of evil, especially the eyes of terrible evil.
The symbol of Jewish religion, David's star is a familiar Jewish figure. This six-
The pointed star, consisting of two staggered triangles, is also known as the Soloman seal.
Basic form of six-
In Ancient Books of Magic, Sharp stars have always existed.
This symbol was also discovered in this era.
Ancient Legends of India
The Indian form shows the symbol of the sun in the center of the staggered triangle.
The modern Jewish version sometimes displays the Hebrew letter of the word "mozmozeltov" in the center, meaning "good luck ". The upward-
Pointing to a triangle is an element symbol that moves down
Point to a representative "water ".
Fire is a male element and water is a female element.
The combination of men and women is shown in the form of staggered triangles.
When the sign of the sun is drawn in the center of the figure, it shows the presence of the other six most important visible celestial bodies, distributed around Saturn's star points, jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the moon.
These together with the sun constitute the holy seven gods, and its influence is so important in all ancient magic.
Five-pointed star or five-pointed star is another important magic symbol composed of five. pointed star.
In the Middle Ages, pentagrams got strange names because it could be drawn on a continuous line, so it was also called "Endless knots ".
Like the Seal of Solomon, the five-pointed star is considered a powerful amulet against evil, especially when a point of the star is pointed above.
It represents the spiritual power that rules the four elements of the material world.
Five-pointed stars are drawn like this, or hang on the doors and windows of the House to prevent evil souls. The Four-
The leaves of the lucky ones-
Leaf clover is sometimes worn around a small box or expressed as a leaf in gold or silver.
About the ancient folk rhyme of four
All in one four. leaved clover.
Lucky Horseshoe is actually in the form of a new moon, it gets lucky influence from the goddess of the moon, the goddess of the moon has a lot of names, such as: Isis, Diana, aretemis, TA cerridwen, or any other name she has known over the years.
Moon Crescent and horse figures appear together on ancient English coins, especially coins cast by the people of Queen Boadicea.
The Horseshoe also carries the magic of the blacksmith and his craft.
All blacksmiths should be natural magicians.
Cold Iron, especially horseshoe, is a protection against fairies and all kinds of negative biological pranks.
The luckiest horseshoe is what you found by chance.
Then, in order to wish you good luck, this should be nailed to the door, but be sure to have the end of the horseshoe point above, otherwise luck will run out.
Only the blacksmith himself was lucky enough to hand over a lucky horseshoe with the end down and dump the luck on the forge.
Magnetite is a kind of iron ore with natural magnetic properties. it is a natural amulet and amulet.
It is believed that carrying a stone can bring wealth, vitality and sexual attraction.
It is thought to strengthen the power of magic and dispel evil spirits and negative energies.
Rich old magicians wear their LordStone in small cages of gold or silver flowers hanging on chains around their necks.
The less wealthy put their stones in a small bag of soft leather, along with some magical herbs.
Then hang on a rope around your neck, or wear it near your skin.
Sometimes there may be a pair of small twins in the bag, cut together with their own magnetic force.
This is considered a very powerful charm to attract love.
The appearance of snakes and snakes, both strange and winding, is another sacred symbol of the ancient.
The sacred snake appeared on the crown of the Egyptian Pharaoh and the ancient Indian temple carvings.
Hermes, the pioneer of the Greek gods and the patron of magic, is depicted as carrying cadius;
The Wand of two snakes wrapped together
The Twin Snakes represent the two forces of interaction, positive and negative, which are manifested throughout nature.
The snake is also a symbol of spiritual strength.
For the ancient people, the snake was a mysterious creature because it slipped without legs.
Also, the snake updates itself by shedding its full skin, and because of this it has become re-
Life and immortality
Sometimes the snake's tail is contained in its mouth.
The Greeks refer to the image of the enclosed snake as a "giant snake" and regard it as a symbol of infinity and eternity.
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