tea tree oil acne facial mask home remedies for body acne that give amazing results

Acne can occur in any part of the body.Body acne can be seen in areas such as neck, chest, back or shoulders.This type of acne is different from facial acne because the skin of your body is different from the skin of the face.This acne may occur due to pore blockage.This may also be caused by an allergic reaction of detergent or soap and a lack of proper physical hygiene.
For acne in the body, there are several home treatments that are safe and cost-Effective and easy to use.1.One of the effective family therapies for body acne is to wash the body with anti-acne drugsKeep the soap clean.2.Cucumbers are also considered to be one of the effective family therapies for acne in the body.
Simply grind to paste and apply directly to the affected area.Wait twenty minutes and lift it up with tap water.3.Eat foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E.
These vitamins will provide the necessary protection for the skin.4.Eat a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, whole wheat, lean meat and nuts.They will help to drain toxins from your system.
Drink a lot of water.
It helps to prevent acne.
Avoid iodine-rich foods such as seafood and try not to eat refined sugar.7.Away from food containing transFatty acids such as biscuits, milk, chips, dairy products, chocolate, margarine and hydrogenation oil.8.Keep bedding clean as much as possible as dead skin, cosmetics, hair care supplies, oil and dirt on linens can clog skin pores and cause acne.
In the course of the treatment of acne, it is very effective to have used benzenol ointment or cream.10.After exercise, you should develop the habit of bathing.Sports make you sweat, sweat will attract dirt, clog pores and cause acne.
Tea tree oil is one of the effective family therapy for acne in the body.After taking a shower, you can apply it to your body, which can also cure pimples.12.Wear cotton for your pores to breathe.Develop the habit of changing clothes twice a day, so that bacteria will not accumulate because of sweat and dirt.
The use of soap containing sodium hydroxide also helps to treat acne in the body.14.Apply a mixture of yogurt and strawberry juice or lime juice in the affected area.This is certainly beneficial for the treatment of acne in the body.
Honey Rose water is also one of the effective home therapy for acne in the body.All you need to do is mix rose water with honey, now pat it in the affected area and leave it there in the next 20 minutes.Wash it off with clear water.16.The use of body wash containing sa also helps to treat acne in the body.
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