tea tree soothing & hydrating peel off facial mask 6 useful natural remedies for razor bumps - home remedies

Technically, razor pimples are also known as the false burdock barbae, which is actually the growth of the hair growing inward and the growth of the hair returning to the skin.This condition of hair growth may be the result of many things, but one of the main and common reasons for this may be shaving.Due to blade-The shaved hair is cut as sharp as an angel, and sometimes it grows back on the skin, causing bumps.
There may be other reasons, such as skin stretching during shaving, use of blunt blades, improper use of razors, etc.Due to the bumps of the razor, not only will the skin be stimulated, but sometimes it will be very painful.Through some natural therapies, it can be cured safely and effectively.
In this case, the skin is stimulated with cysts, pustules, pimples and pimples.Some natural therapies are very helpful in treating razor bumps.1.Add 3 drops of glycerin, 1-A fourth cup of warm water and two pieces of aspirin.
Stir all ingredients evenly until the aspirin tablets are completely dissolved.With the help of cotton balls, apply the prepared mixture to the affected area.It will give you a soothing effect on your stimulating skin.
Dissolve two uncoated crushed aspirin tablets in warm water.Apply a runny nose in the affected area or in the newly scraped area.Put it for five minutes and wash it off with warm water.
Mix the following essential oils and prepare the mixture to reduce the impact of the razor bumps.Take lavender oil with healing effect, Yangju, which limits inflammation problems, and tea trees with effective preservatives as examples.When the three oils are mixed together and applied to the stimulating skin, it will have a soothing effect on your skin.
If the condition gets worse, you can consult a dermatologist.4.You can cut a leaf of aloe vera and open it.Squeeze out the gel from the leaves and apply the gel to the razor.
Let this gel dry on your skin.
It will deal with the problem effectively.5.You can also use iodine, tea tree oil or any alcohol aftershave water in the affected areas.It can prevent the infection of the razor.
If it's easy for someone to shave, don't shave too often.Develop the habit of shaving after 2-gap3 days
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