tea tree soothing & hydrating peel off facial mask home remedies for fever blisters easy and simple natural cure

Hot blisters caused by herpes virus 1 are even called cold sore.These are basically red blisters that appear on the outer edge of the mouth and on the lips.These blisters are filled with liquid, will form scabs in a few days, will form a shell in a few days, signal the end of the infection.
Although there is no cure, there is a certain family therapy for fever blisters, which can relieve the symptoms caused by it.Basically, symptoms of fever blisters can be itching, burning sensation, increased lymph nodes and fever.When there is this feeling of burning, itching or tingling, one can rub the juice of the aloe vera plant in the affected area and even use the aloe gel.
This will stop the growth of pain and the healing process will begin immediately.One of the easiest home therapies for fever blisters is to rub ice cubes on the sore for 10 minutes every hour, which will cause to prevent the virus from moving towards the skin.Cold tea bags can be applied to blisters to relieve the effect.
Or you can even try to apply tea tree oil directly on the blister.Ordinary salt can also be used to treat blisters, just press the common salt at the pain place twice a day with your wet index finger for one minute.Continue this routine within 2 to 3 days.Drinking Holy tea with ginger powder also helps to treat colds and sore.
To prevent blisters from breaking and bleeding, you can apply Vaseline, which softens the water and moistens the blisters.You can even apply corn starch paste in the affected area, or use the extract of lemon paste, which will speed up the healing process and reduce the symptoms.Cotton balls saturated with white vinegar can be applied in the affected areas to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
Since honey is known for its antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiviral properties, it is one of the effective family treatments for fever blisters.It can help the healing process by applying it directly to fever blisters.Avoid eating salty and acidic foods and foods rich in amino acids including nuts, peanuts, chocolate, oatmeal, peas, seeds, grains and wheat products.
Reduce the intake of coffee.
These are some home treatments for fever blisters that can be easily tried at home
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