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The other names of the trees are narrow.Narrow leaf paper skinleaved Tea-tree, Narrow-leaved Ti-tree, or Snow-in-summer.This tree and the related tree is the place for tea.Distillation of tree oil, reverse of various formsfungal, anti-Bacteria and herbs (mostly local, such as lotion and toiletries) come from.
Other uses of tea tree essential oils include shampoo, preservatives, deodorant, soap and lotion.If taken directly, the oil itself is toxic, and if the high concentration of oil remains on the skin, or if the emulsion containing high concentration of oil is used for a long time, it will cause skin irritation.Tea trees for medicinal purposes began with indigenous Australian people.
When they need to relieve their cough and cold, they suck oil from the broken leaves.They also use tea tree oil as the first coating of the wound before applying any other ointment and covering, as it helps to disinfect the wound and the healing process.The commercial production and use of tea tree oil began in the 1920 th century, when people's understanding of the various properties and uses of tea tree oil became public.
Tea tree oil is still one of the main oils used for beauty assistance.It is effective for ugly flaws such as nail fungus, ringworm, foot gas, dandruff, acne and blackheads.It's a soothing,-Inflammatory substances that can penetrate into the lower skin.
It even helps to relieve the pain and can be used for sunburns.Add a few drops of teatree oil to the 1 tbs aloe vera gel, apply to the shaving area after shaving, or add a few drops of oil before the shaver to relieve irritation.Adding a few drops of oil directly to the affected area twice a day, or adding 60 drops of oil to the facial cleanser container twice a day can help treat acne and blackhead acne.
Three drops of oil and baking soda on the toothbrush can help relieve pain in the gums and plaque that causes bad tone --Although it is not recommended to swallow the mixture.Teatree oil used with rose oil or poached oil becomes Body Mist or perfume.Teatree oil can even be used to reduce the pain and healing time of cold sore, which can be reduced by half when giving a few drops of pain twice a day, or at the beginningThis is a cheaper alternative.
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