tea tree soothing & hydrating peel off facial mask use effective natural home remedies for dry scalp

The scalp has oil-producing oil.When this oil production is reduced and not enough to keep the scalp moist, it causes the scalp to dry.This is a skin condition.The skin of the scalp becomes dry and flaky, causing itching.It feels tight and uncomfortable.This feeling of itching may cause embarrassment.
This itching sensation is due to flaky skin.These flakes are different from dandruff.Dandruff is due to excessive oil or sebum secretion from the oil glands, while flaky skin is due to insufficient secretion from these glands.When the skin is stripped from the natural grease it needs, the consequence is that the skin is dry.
In this state, the hair becomes dim and brittle.It falls off easily and causes hair loss.Dry scalp may be the cause of the weather.This can be caused by winter and dry air.Lack of humidity in the air can cause the scalp to dry.
If not treated, this can lead to more serious diseases such as eczema or psoriasis that require extensive treatment.There are many reasons for dry scalp.Excessive use of shampoo is the main reason.The chemicals in the shampoo are stripped from the natural oil on the head.
Other factors are the gel, color, spray and chemicals used on the hair.Frequent use of styling aids such as hair dryers and curlers also results in drying.This situation may be inherited, or it may be the result of hormonal changes, dehydration, stress, and lack.
As a side effect, some drugs may have the above situation.Home therapy can be used to restore healthy scalp.There is no negative effect on home therapy for dry scalp.
Some of them are listed below, try these and see the results.1.Coconut oil: Apply Coconut oil regularly.Keep it for a while before washing it off.2.Jojoba oil: jojojoba is beneficial and will provide some moisture.
Vinegar: add a little vinegar to rinse your hair in clear water.4.LEMON: you can clean your scalp with lemon juice.5.Tea tree oil: tea tree oil helps to remove flakes and scales.
Lavender: lavender oil reduces irritation caused by flakes and itching.7.Neem oil: neem is very effective of skin status.It has the properties of anti-fungus.The leaves of the Nee tree can be crushed and boiled.
Take a shower with water.
Apply the nee oil on the scalp.
Aloe vera: Aloe vera gel that can be applied directly to the head.It provides moisture and relieves itching.9.Avocado: avocado is a natural moisturizer.
Wipe the avocado oil and keep it for a while.10.Olive oil: gently massage the scalp with a little olive oil.11.Massage: massage regularly with oil to improve blood circulation and relieve from dry scalp.
Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.Drink plenty of water every day to keep your skin hydrated.Clean your hair with a gentle shampoo.Avoid all chemicals and color treatments.Enhance immunity and eliminate toxins in the body.
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