teflon the killer - free article courtesy of articlecitycom - where to buy organic skin care produ

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teflon the killer - free article courtesy of articlecity.com - where to buy organic skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-03
teflon the killer - free article courtesy of articlecity.com  -  where to buy organic skin care products
I feel like it's not good to eat Teflon (many other names from different manufacturers) that came off our heating appliance, and the truth is finally taken away.
DuPont, the main manufacturer, has been working hard to solve this problem for many years.
They have been working on a non-PFOA technical name. Great products-
In West Virginia, parksburg, they have been dumping these things on the Ohio River for years, very close to where I grew up.
For many years, they have believed that this toxic chemical will not cause harm to the environment and people.
They were convicted and fined $16 million, the biggest fine imposed on a company that is polluting the environment and poisoning people.
This chemical is not only toxic,
It is everywhere in the environment.
The Teflon scandal is one thing with the news of the court case, but even the EPA has publicly opposed it and used it.
They supported the fact that the project was removed from the market.
We know that the non-stick pan is toxic and should be replaced, but Teflon is in another place you won't doubt.
You get three toxic products every time you have microwave popcorn.
There is Teflon in the bag.
This should let you throw the bags in the trash and never use them.
Another problem with popcorn is that the oil in the bag is toxic trans fatty acids.
They are the cheapest oil these companies can use and are genetically engineered.
Because they are genetically mutated, they can tolerate more herbicides and pesticides and are consumed by the public.
50 to 60 years ago rare childhood cancer is now the fastest growing cancer in the world, is there anything strange about it?
The third problem with microwave popcorn is the microwave oven.
There is no safe use for microwave ovens.
Microwaves stimulate molecules to generate heat, and when this happens, the food is damaged by a cell explosion.
The only thing worse than cooking and heating in a microwave is heating something in a plastic container with a microwave.
Plastic is broken into food or liquid.
With these bad news, it's really good news.
You don't need trans fat oil, Teflon or microwave because of better alternatives.
For popcorn, you can buy a non-toxic air Poole and you can use real organic butter that is very healthy for you.
If you also buy organic popcorn free of herbicides and pesticides, you can eat healthy snacks.
You can buy two cheap appliances instead of microwave ovens, which are very easy to use and they will prepare food for you in a healthy way.
The first one is the FIR infrared cooker.
They can be found from about $100. 00 up.
The second device is a convection oven.
They can be built in your house, but the counter models produced by some manufacturers are less than $100. 00.
This will make your food cook 25% faster.
Throw the Teflon away so that no one else can get it and use it.
Don't buy aluminum chef.
Buy stainless steel kitchenware and use coconut oil so it is healthy and not sticky. www.
Drbobthehealthbuilder. www.
Wealth is healthy.
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