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Termite Treatments - The Homemade Way - is borax safe for skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
Termite Treatments - The Homemade Way  -  is borax safe for skin care products
Termite damage threatens the structural integrity of wood
House and building frame.
They swallowed up the softened wood and hollowed it out until there was almost nothing left behind.
To prevent them. .
Boron is a naturally occurring chemical that has a strong pesticide effect on termite.
Dissolve 2 cups of borax and 2 1/4 cups of borax in 1 gallon water.
This recipe is low toxic and safe for your home, without worrying that harmful chemicals will penetrate into your living space.
This formula comes from the Journal of light architecture.
The borax formula contains a certain amount of borax or boron, but also contains sodium and oxygen molecules, so that it has a certain buffer and washing performance.
Adding more boron to borax increases its pesticide activity.
According to the home improvement center of Al \, if you mix solvent propylene Digan alcohol with boron acid and apply it to wood, this will help boron penetrate the wood and make it a termite
Long time resistant.
Dissolve 3 1/2 lbs of boron acid in 1 gallon of propylene alcohol.
Then add a part of the solution to 1 portion of the water, stir well before applying it.
Pour the formula into the pump sprayer.
Spray the perimeter of your home to prevent termite and other pests from entering.
Spray any obvious infection and spray vulnerable areas that look like potential termite homes.
Spray the recipe in the perimeter of any crawl space below your home and in any unfinished area of the basement.
Although termite may enter the house through many ways, the Foundation--
It is in direct contact with the soil--
The most vulnerable part of the house.
Spray the solution to all areas suspected of termite infection.
Correcting the moisture problem of the whole House will prevent the termite from turning to a potential source of food.
Apply a very thin layer of borax powder directly to the ground around your home.
, Avoid exposed areas and edible plants, and prevent accidental intake of phosphate.
There is no need to let go too much because it can pose a risk to children and pets.
This can also prevent termite and other insects from invading your home.
The dry boronic acid takes longer than the liquid formula because it will slowly mix into the soil.
Your home should be treated at least once or twice a year, preferably in autumn and spring.
These applications will affect termite and other insects in their developmental and reproductive stages.
Regular treatment can free your home from termite.
Moisture around the wood makes the termite feast.
Check the wood inside and around your home for leaks and moisture collection.
Check the foundation and wooden beams of your home, especially the wooden beams near the water pipe.
You are looking for any condensate and area where the wood is softer due to moisture.
If you find any water problems, let the plumber correct them.
In terms of handling damp wood, especially if it is a structure or frame beam, please have the home or building inspector check how damaged it is.
If it is secondary and the wood is saleable, clean up the excess water and ventilate the area so that it can dry and apply the borax spray mixture by saturating the wood.
The water will help to soak the acid solution into the wood.
It will be good after it's done.
To prevent the termite from eating a big meal, incorporate it into the wood.
Another precaution is to ensure that no wood is in direct contact with the soil.
The soil maintains moisture and is the medium for insects to thrive.
The wood may become wet and its contact with the soil will make it an environment for termite breeding.
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